Effi Briest Character Descriptions

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Effi von Innstetten née Briest - This character is the novel's protagonist.

Geert von Innstetten - This character is a Landrat.

The von Briests - These characters have an estate in Hohen-Cremmin.

Dagobert Briest - This character is a lieutenant in the Alexander Regiment.

The Chinaman - This character is only seen in a small picture in the Innstetten's home.

Christel - This character is a cook in Kessin.

Major Crampas - This character dies in the dunes of Kessin.

Friedrich - This character is a butler in Kessin.

Roswitha Gellenhagen - This character becomes a nurse in Kessin.

Alonzo Gieshübler - This character is Kessin's chemist.

The Grasenabbs - These characters are aristocrats living in Kroschentin.

The Jahnkes - This family includes twin girls.

Johanna - This character is a maid in Kessin.

The Kruses - These characters are unneeded servants when the Innstettens...

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