Dust Tracks on a Road Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What sparked the development of Eatonville?

Eatonville was formed after the Civil War and founded by African American men who fought on the Union side. After visiting a colony in Brazil, they set on a new reform: to form an all African-American Eatonville.

2. What was the unique racial make-up of Eatonville?

Eatonville was an unlikely town to find in the south. It was one which gave African Americans a good deal of power. However, despite racial tensions in the south, Eatonville had a good relationship with the neighboring, all white town of Maitland.

3. Why did Zora's mother agree to marry John Hurston?

Zora's mother wasn't interested in John Hurston despite his months of courting her. However, she agreed to marry him because she believed he would soon dislike her and end the relationship, and she would be left alone.

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