Dust Tracks on a Road Fun Activities

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Board Game

Design a board game of Zora's life.

Comic Book

Draw a comic book of "Dust Tracks on a Road."


As Zora, write a series of journal entries through one chapter of her life.


Choose a significant person in Zora's life and write a series of letters to that person as Zora.

New Chapter

Write a new chapter in Zora's life.

Cover Art

Draw what you think the cover art should have been for "Dust Tracks on a Road."


Write a review of "Dust Tracks on a Road" as if you were a professional book reviewer.

Map Of Eatonville

Draw a detailed and artful map of Eatonville, Florida, from Zora's young perspective.


Do a presentation on the era of Zora's life. Draw ties to Zora's story.


Choose a scene from the book and perform a skit.


Choose a few of your...

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