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Essay Topic 1

Discuss Eatonville, Florida, in what it embodies and instills in Zora's life in terms of race, society, and art. How did it affect her?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Zora's parents' relationship. How did this environment impact her life? How does this context clarify her approach to future situations we've seen her in?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Zora's relationship with white people.

Essay Topic 4

Zora often reverts back to her youthful perspective to analyze situations. Discuss Zora's perception. What do we learn about Zora by seeing her youth and adulthood side by side?

Essay Topic 5

Zora, although popular, has had her share of bad relationships and encounters. She often offers commentary on other people's relationships, such as the one between her mother and grandmother. Discuss Zora in regard to grudges and forgiveness.

Essay Topic 6

Discuss how Zora's fixation on social politics relates to her effect on the communities of...

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