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Augusten Burroughs
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Essay Topic 1

Augusten Burroughs' tenuous sobriety is tested by a series of hardships. From the moment he returns home, he must make choices about what he must change in his life. Write an essay about three parts of Augusten's life that prove particularly rife for temptation and how he deals with them.

Part 1) Discuss how Augusten's job in advertising is the reason he goes to rehab and how it continues to be a challenge for him after he returns. What accounts prove particularly tough for Augusten? What strange occurrences lead him to believe someone is trying to sabotage him? How does he deal with this?

Part 2) Why does Augusten have such difficulty letting Pighead into his life? Discuss what about Pighead makes him a risky acquaintance? What kind of support does Pighead give Augusten? What danger does he bring to the recovering addict?

Part 3) How is Augusten's relationship...

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