Drown Short Essay - Answer Key

Junot Díaz
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1. Why did the narrator and his brother spend their summers with their uncle?

In the summer, the narrator and his older brother Rafa spent their summers at their Uncle's in the countryside. While they were away from home, their mother worked long hours at a chocolate factory.

2. How did Ysrael disfigure his face?

When he was a baby, a pig entered Ysrael's bedroom and chewed his face off.

3. How does Rafa treat his brother in the city?

Back in the city, Rafa ignores his brother, except to tell him to shut up or insult him in front of friends. Any backtalk results in a beating.

4. What happens to Rafa and the narrator on the bus?

Rafa and the narrator wait for the right best driver to come along and then while he is distracted they collect the fare money from the passengers. During the journey the narrator is sexually assaulted; however, the bus driver still throws the two boys off the bus when he discovers they have not paid their fare.

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