Drown Character Descriptions

Junot Díaz
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Throughout the course of the stories, as the father leaves and the family struggles financially, he changes from a sweet, typical boy-child to a more hardened young man who must survive on the streets: first in Dominica, and later in New Jersey.


He is featured in the earlier stories as a bully, a boaster, and a brutal fighter. He cheats people and coldly uses women.


In the earliest stories, he appears as a bully, a domineering husband and father, and a self-indulgent man in the typical Latino style, maintaining a marriage and a mistress but never willing to give up these things even to keep his wife.


She is a good representation of the Latina who takes what fate gives her but eventually cannot stand up to those who would mistreat her.


He likes to read comic books about superheroes and he imagines...

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