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Junot Díaz
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Chapter One, "Ysrael"

• Rafa and the narrator are walking to the shop to buy beer for their uncle.

• On the way to the shop Rafa and the narrator meet a boy called Ysrael.
• The narrator informs the reader that himself and Rafa live with their uncle in the countryside because of their mother's work.

• Ysrael's face was eaten away by a pig when he was a baby and he wears a mask.
• The narrator and Ysrael wait for a bus. On the bus Rafa distracts the driver and collects the passengers fares.

• The bus driver throws the boys off the bus.

• The narrator and Rafa see Ysrael in a field flying a kite.

• Rafa asks Ysrael where they can buy a drink and Ysrael points him to a water faucet up the road.

• Rafa knocks Ysrael out with a bottle and pulls off his mask.

• On the way...

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