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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who shared an office with Watson and Crick?
(a) Sir Lawrence
(b) Rosy
(c) Linus Pauling
(d) Chargraff

2. How did Watson feel about Rosy's reaction to the new model?
(a) Angered
(b) Surprised
(c) Rejected
(d) Awed

3. Where was Pauling held up when he was on his way to speak at the conference?
(a) Stockholm
(b) London
(c) Airport
(d) Washington, DC

4. What medical condition did Watson seem to think he had?
(a) Heart condition
(b) Ulcer
(c) Reflux
(d) Migraines

5. What event diffused the tension and heat between Rosy and Watson?
(a) Rosy tearing up Pauling's work
(b) Maurice entering the lab
(c) Rosy assaulting Watson
(d) Watson walking out of the lab

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Watson and Crick hope in regards to this new structure of DNA?

2. Who has developed a structure of DNA in chapter twenty-one?

3. How did Maurice answer when asked if he minded Watson and Crick working on the structure of DNA?

4. What was wrong with Maurice at the meeting in Paris?

5. Why was Watson trying to make crystallographic X-rays of TMV?

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