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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What specifically was wrong with Watson and Crick's model so that it disagreed with Rosy's research?
(a) Had three helices
(b) Water level number was different
(c) Too many chains
(d) Not enough chains

2. Which of the following types of work was Watson enthusiastic about beginning?
(a) Work with the different possible molecular models of DNA
(b) Work with Crick on X-ray photographs
(c) Work with crystallography
(d) Work with X-rays of helices

3. Which of the following terms best describes the human dilemma of deciding to work against your colleague or behind their back?
(a) Plagerism
(b) Stealing
(c) Realism
(d) Ethics

4. Which of the following does NOT describe Pauling as seen through Watson's eyes?
(a) Poor writer
(b) Admired
(c) Brillant
(d) Dynamic speaker

5. Which of the following describes how Bragg felt about Crick's behavior and attitude?
(a) Complimentary
(b) Pleased
(c) Satisfied
(d) Annoyed

Short Answer Questions

1. What fantasy did Watson have for how he would become involved in his work?

2. Which of the following characters attended Rosy's talk?

3. Why did Watson and Crick purchase a copy of Pauling's book on chemical bonding?

4. Which of the following characters did Crick discuss his problems with the helix theory with?

5. Which of the following had Pauling partially solved?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Watson attribute much of their success to?

2. Why didn't Crick attend the lecture?

3. Why did Herman tell Watson that he was in no state to teach the student biochemistry?

4. How did Watson and Crick get Rosy's measurements at their Cambridge lab?

5. What is Watson's position on life and work?

6. What does Watson's new informaiton about DNA lead to him to question?

7. How was Odile going to help Watson with his problem with eating the food at the local restaurants?

8. How many bases are there in DNA?

9. What was the underlying reason behind Sir Lawrence having Watson and Crick stop working on the structure of DNA?

10. What was the topic of Rosy and Maurice's papers?

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