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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who shared an office with Watson and Crick?
(a) Sir Lawrence
(b) Linus Pauling
(c) Rosy
(d) Chargraff

2. Which describes how Rosy seemed when Watson went to talk to her at King's lab about Pauling's faulty model?
(a) Resigned
(b) Excitied
(c) Supportive
(d) Confrontational

3. Whom did Bragg invite to come see the new model?
(a) Todd
(b) Maurice
(c) Pauling
(d) Rosy

4. Where had Watson moved?
(a) Cambridge College
(b) Clare College
(c) Fish place
(d) Portugal Place

5. Where was Watson going to get the necessary pieces to construct his model?
(a) Pauling's dismantled model
(b) Previous models
(c) Machine shop
(d) Rosy's lab

6. How did Pauling feel about Watson and Crick's model?
(a) Argumentative
(b) Angered
(c) Depressed
(d) Thrilled

7. How did Watson spend the time while he waited for the machine shop to construct the necessary parts?
(a) Talking with his sister and her beau
(b) Non-work-related activities
(c) Making RNA models
(d) Creating bacteria studies

8. Which of the following terms best describes the events at the meeting in Paris?
(a) Problem solving
(b) Surprising
(c) Uneventful
(d) Revealing

9. Who was taken with Watson's sister?
(a) Pauling
(b) Francis
(c) Bertrand Fourcade
(d) Sir Lawrence

10. How old was Rosy when she died?
(a) 60
(b) 54
(c) 25
(d) 37

11. Who has developed a structure of DNA in chapter twenty-one?
(a) Rosy
(b) Linus Pauling
(c) Crick
(d) Watson

12. Where did Watson see Chargaff for the second time but they did not speak?
(a) Cambridge at the lab
(b) In Stockholm at a conference on crystallography
(c) International Biochemical Congress in Paris
(d) London at a conference with Pauling

13. Which of the following was Senator McCarthy investigating?
(a) Terrorism
(b) Communism
(c) Socialism
(d) Anti-semitism

14. What did Watson reveal made being a scientist harder for Rosy than for others?
(a) Being a woman
(b) Having a bad attitude
(c) Stealing and not sharing work with her boss
(d) Disagreeing with others

15. Who confirmed Watson's finding that TMV was indeed a helix?
(a) Maurice
(b) Rosy
(c) Crick
(d) Pauling

Short Answer Questions

1. How much progress did Crick make?

2. What does TMV stand for?

3. What does TMV contain?

4. Why did Watson believe that DNA would be a two-chain?

5. What was Crick unable to concentrate on which he was supposed to be working on?

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