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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The base pairs Watson had developed after lunch were the same as the sets of bases that appeared whose work?
(a) Maurice's work
(b) Rosy's work
(c) Chargraff's work
(d) Pauling's work

2. What did Watson reveal made being a scientist harder for Rosy than for others?
(a) Stealing and not sharing work with her boss
(b) Being a woman
(c) Having a bad attitude
(d) Disagreeing with others

3. What had the Cavendish lab recently discovered?
(a) The structure of RNA
(b) A model of DNA and RNA
(c) A new kind of X-ray tube
(d) The structure of DNA

4. When would Watson go to Cal-Tech?
(a) Never
(b) Right away
(c) Within the next five years
(d) Next year

5. What shape was Watson trying to prove TMV was?
(a) Hexical
(b) Octagonal
(c) Cylindrical
(d) Helical

6. Why did Crick become annoyed with Watson?
(a) Because he refused to consider a 3 chain model
(b) Because he wasn't concerned about his sister's love life
(c) Because he wasn't spending all of his time on DNA
(d) Because he wouldn't share the responsibility

7. Whose work did Crick believe was a key to understanding DNA?
(a) Watson's work
(b) Rosy's work
(c) Chargraff's work
(d) Pauling's work

8. Where had Watson moved?
(a) Clare College
(b) Cambridge College
(c) Fish place
(d) Portugal Place

9. What does Watson hope to learn more about as he studies TMV?
(a) RNA
(b) X-rays
(c) DNA
(d) Crystallography

10. Why was Watson trying to make crystallographic X-rays of TMV?
(a) To showTMV had helically stacked protein
(b) To show that TMV had DNA
(c) To show that RNA was the same as DNA
(d) To show that the work was worthwhile

11. How does Watson end his book?
(a) By taking all of the credit in the discovery of the structure of DNA
(b) By reporting the importance of his discovery
(c) By sharing the credit in the discovery of the structure of DNA with Crick
(d) By discussing what the various people involved in the discovery of the structure of DNA are doing at the time of the writing

12. Where did Watson's sister get married?
(a) Copenhagen
(b) United States
(c) Japan
(d) Cambridge

13. What does TMV stand for?
(a) Tomal Missing Virus
(b) Thrombosis Making Virus
(c) Tobacco Mosaic Virus
(d) Tobacco Motive Virus

14. What happened when King's lab began comparing their experimental results to the double helix structure?
(a) They found a major flaw
(b) They debated it's accuracy
(c) They supported the model
(d) They refuted the model

15. Which of the following was why Pauling never arrived in London?
(a) Incomplete travel records
(b) Breakthrough in his projects
(c) Political views
(d) Health issues

Short Answer Questions

1. What topic was Linus Pauling studying?

2. Where was Pauling's lab?

3. Who has developed a structure of DNA in chapter twenty-one?

4. Who is expected to come speak at a conference at the end of chapter sixteen?

5. When Watson constructed models of the bases what was the same about a pair?

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