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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why didn't Watson want to continue working after lunch?
(a) He needed time to think
(b) His new idea about base structures didn't work
(c) His sister needed him
(d) He was excitied by his breakthrough

2. Where had Watson moved?
(a) Clare College
(b) Fish place
(c) Cambridge College
(d) Portugal Place

3. Which of the following was why Pauling never arrived in London?
(a) Breakthrough in his projects
(b) Incomplete travel records
(c) Health issues
(d) Political views

4. What did Watson diverge from his study of DNA to study?
(a) Crystallograhy X-rays of RNA
(b) Models of proteins
(c) Sexes of bacteria
(d) Coils of protein helixes

5. Which of the following terms best describes how the English scientists felt about the United States refusing to allow Pauling to travel to London to speak at the conference?
(a) Protested
(b) Appalled
(c) Surprised
(d) Total agreement

6. Why did Crick become annoyed with Watson?
(a) Because he wasn't spending all of his time on DNA
(b) Because he refused to consider a 3 chain model
(c) Because he wasn't concerned about his sister's love life
(d) Because he wouldn't share the responsibility

7. Which of the following best describes how Watson felt upon realizing that Pauling's model was flawed?
(a) Enthusiastic
(b) Dejected
(c) Relieved
(d) Surprised

8. Who has developed a structure of DNA in chapter twenty-one?
(a) Watson
(b) Linus Pauling
(c) Crick
(d) Rosy

9. Who told Pauling about the double helix structure?
(a) Crick
(b) Delbruck
(c) Maurice
(d) Watson

10. How long did Rosy keep working on scientific discoveries?
(a) Until right before her death
(b) She stopped when Watson and Crick were published
(c) She was fired by Maurice and never got another job in the field
(d) She stopped right after the model was created

11. How did Pauling feel about Watson and Crick's model?
(a) Depressed
(b) Angered
(c) Argumentative
(d) Thrilled

12. Which two components of DNA did Chargaff find had the same number of molecules?
(a) cytosine and thymine
(b) guanine and adenine
(c) guanine and thymine
(d) adenine and thymine

13. What had the Cavendish lab recently discovered?
(a) The structure of DNA
(b) A new kind of X-ray tube
(c) A model of DNA and RNA
(d) The structure of RNA

14. Who is expected to come speak at a conference at the end of chapter sixteen?
(a) Maurice
(b) Crick
(c) Rosy
(d) Pauling

15. Which of the following terms best describes the events at the meeting in Paris?
(a) Revealing
(b) Surprising
(c) Uneventful
(d) Problem solving

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Watson and Crick hope in regards to this new structure of DNA?

2. How old was Rosy when she died?

3. What did Watson reveal made being a scientist harder for Rosy than for others?

4. What had Rosy surrounded DNA with in the B photograph?

5. How did Crick feel about Watson's work on bacteria reproduction?

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