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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Maurice been doing in secret in regards to Rosy?
(a) Copying her photographs
(b) Documenting her mistakes and reporting them to supervisors
(c) Documenting her insubordination
(d) Copying her notes

2. Who confirmed Watson's finding that TMV was indeed a helix?
(a) Rosy
(b) Maurice
(c) Pauling
(d) Crick

3. What was Watson continually thinking about as he went to films in regards to progress on DNA model?
(a) Building materials
(b) Number of chains
(c) Acids
(d) Bases

4. Who arrived at Cambridge as a student?
(a) Rosy
(b) Pauling's son
(c) Chargraff
(d) Sir Lawrence's daughter

5. Why was Watson trying to make crystallographic X-rays of TMV?
(a) To show that RNA was the same as DNA
(b) To showTMV had helically stacked protein
(c) To show that the work was worthwhile
(d) To show that TMV had DNA

6. How much faster was Watson able to take pictures with the new X-ray tube?
(a) 30 times
(b) 10 times
(c) 20 times
(d) 5 times

7. Which of the following was why Pauling never arrived in London?
(a) Incomplete travel records
(b) Health issues
(c) Political views
(d) Breakthrough in his projects

8. Why didn't Watson want to continue working after lunch?
(a) His new idea about base structures didn't work
(b) He was excitied by his breakthrough
(c) His sister needed him
(d) He needed time to think

9. What did Watson believe caused the medical condition from which he was suffering?
(a) Pressure from his PhD program
(b) Spicy food
(c) Worry over DNA
(d) Too much work

10. When would Watson go to Cal-Tech?
(a) Next year
(b) Within the next five years
(c) Never
(d) Right away

11. How did Maurice answer when asked if he minded Watson and Crick working on the structure of DNA?
(a) No, but slowly
(b) No, immediately
(c) He said they should all work together
(d) Yes, immediately

12. What was Crick unable to concentrate on which he was supposed to be working on?
(a) Photographs of DNA
(b) Thesis
(c) Backbone of DNA
(d) Bacteria reproduction

13. Which of the following was Senator McCarthy investigating?
(a) Communism
(b) Terrorism
(c) Socialism
(d) Anti-semitism

14. Where did Watson's sister get married?
(a) Cambridge
(b) Japan
(c) United States
(d) Copenhagen

15. Which two components of DNA did Chargaff find had the same number of molecules?
(a) cytosine and thymine
(b) adenine and thymine
(c) guanine and thymine
(d) guanine and adenine

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Watson diverge from his study of DNA to study?

2. What did Watson and Crick do when the bases were finished?

3. What did Bragg finally allow Watson to do?

4. How did Crick feel about Watson's work on bacteria reproduction?

5. What did Watson and Crick have to wait for?

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