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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following had happened which affected Watson's ability to relocate during his fellowship?
(a) His fellowship had run out of money
(b) The person he wanted to switch to work with rejected his plan
(c) Transfers were not allowed under his fellowship agreement
(d) A new chairman was named

2. Which of the following is the best term for chains of nucleotides?
(a) Polynucleotide chains
(b) Multinucleotide chains
(c) Seminucleotide chains
(d) Patterned nucleotide chains

3. Which of the following characters didn't believe that helices were the answer to the structure of DNA?
(a) Crick
(b) Maurice
(c) Rosy
(d) Watson

4. Which of the following had Pauling partially solved?
(a) Structure of proteins
(b) Poliomyelitis
(c) Picture of crystallized DNA
(d) Crystallized helix poliomyelitis

5. About how long did Crick think it would take he and Watson to narrow down the number of possible DNA structures?
(a) About a year
(b) About a month
(c) About a day
(d) About a week

6. Which of the following is the best definition of the term abated?
(a) Ended
(b) Increased
(c) Fell off
(d) Rose

7. What happens when Watson is uninterested and unexcited?
(a) He looks for a woman to keep him company
(b) He stops working
(c) He concentrates on the wrong things
(d) He drinks

8. What fantasy did Watson have for how he would become involved in his work?
(a) Watson would show Wilkins his crystallized images
(b) Wilkins would become his sister's suitor
(c) Watson would transfer his postgraduate fellowship to Wilkins
(d) Watson would develop a new biochemistry technique

9. How did Maurice feel after hearing Rosy's presentation?
(a) Deflated
(b) Reborn
(c) Angered
(d) Pleased

10. How does DNA carry information?
(a) Structure of DNA
(b) Multiple types of nucleotides
(c) Binding of the nucleotides
(d) Order of the nucleotides

11. What subject did Crick study as an undergraduate?
(a) Biochemistry
(b) Physics
(c) Biology
(d) Chemistry

12. Why did Watson have to leave the estate he was staying at over Christmas?
(a) To meet Crick to work on their project related to the structure of DNA
(b) To return to work
(c) To accept a new job
(d) To speak at a meeting in London

13. Which of the following best describes how Watson and Crick felt after Rosy and Maurice left?
(a) The same as they had felt before they came to review the model
(b) More productive
(c) Excited about continuing
(d) Despondent

14. Which of the following subjects was Herman uninterested in?
(a) Genetics
(b) Biochemistry
(c) Biology
(d) Chemistry

15. Why was Watson kicked out of his rooming house?
(a) For making too much noise during the day
(b) For inviting friends to come and stay with him
(c) For not paying the rent
(d) For making noise at night and going out after 10:00 pm

Short Answer Questions

1. At what university were both Crick and the author working in the opening chapter?

2. How did Watson and Crick respond to Bragg when he told them to stop working on the structure of DNA?

3. Which of the following did Odile NOT prefer?

4. Which of the following is the best synonym for pall as used in the following sentence: Rosy's attitude left a pall on the evening.

5. Which of the following subjects did Watson avoid during his graduate work?

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