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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is the best synonym for assuaged as it is used in the following sentence? Watson's conscious was somewhat assuaged, when Herman revealed that he was going through a divorce.
(a) Sweetened
(b) Alleviated
(c) Lulled
(d) Modified

2. Which of the following words best describes Maurice as a scientist?
(a) Cautious
(b) Uncaring
(c) Belligerent
(d) Awkward

3. Which of the following terms best describes how the meeting went with Rosy, Maurice, Watson and Crick?
(a) Realistically
(b) Supportive
(c) Disappointing
(d) Exciting

4. Which of the following subjects was Herman uninterested in?
(a) Chemistry
(b) Genetics
(c) Biology
(d) Biochemistry

5. What did Crick help to make when he worked for the government at the beginning of World War II?
(a) Magnetic mines
(b) Medical advances
(c) Bullet proof vests
(d) Ammunition

6. What could be used to rule out some false starts of potential DNA structures?
(a) X-ray pictures of DNA crystals
(b) Binding agents
(c) Nucleotides
(d) 3-dimensional figures of DNA

7. Which of the following subjects did Watson avoid during his graduate work?
(a) Chemisty
(b) Biology
(c) Biochemistry
(d) Genetics

8. At what university were both Crick and the author working in the opening chapter?
(a) MIT
(b) Cambridge
(c) Yale
(d) Harvard

9. How did Watson and Crick respond to Bragg when he told them to stop working on the structure of DNA?
(a) Begged him to be allowed to continue to work on the problem
(b) Didn't try to change his decision
(c) Tried to convince him to change his mind
(d) Worked in the lab on the problem against his directive

10. Which of the following best describes this type of novel?
(a) Biography
(b) Unauthorized biography
(c) Unauthorized autobiography
(d) Autobiography

11. Where did Watson and Francis go for the weekend after Rosy's lecture?
(a) Oxford
(b) Stockholm
(c) Copenhagen
(d) Cambridge

12. Which of the following people wrote the forward?
(a) Sir Lawrence Bragg
(b) Max Perutz
(c) James Watson
(d) Francis Crick

13. Which of the following had Pauling partially solved?
(a) Crystallized helix poliomyelitis
(b) Picture of crystallized DNA
(c) Structure of proteins
(d) Poliomyelitis

14. What was Watson's main scientific interest?
(a) Human relations
(b) The scientific process
(c) RNA
(d) DNA

15. Which of the following is the best definition of the term abated?
(a) Rose
(b) Fell off
(c) Increased
(d) Ended

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Watson and Crick purchase a copy of Pauling's book on chemical bonding?

2. Who else did Watson invite to his friend's parents for Christmas?

3. Which of the following characters was already working on the problem of DNA in London with Crick?

4. Where did the Fellowship Board indicate Watson could transfer?

5. What specifically was wrong with Watson and Crick's model so that it disagreed with Rosy's research?

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