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1. In the forward, Bragg describes the following story as what kind?

In the forward, Bragg describes the story as one of a human interest story, which is also an autobiographical account of Watson's impressions instead of a historical work.

2. Describe Crick as seen through Watson's eyes.

Watson paints a picture of Crick as a loud, exciting, enthusiastic theorist and experimentalist, with a quick, incisive mind and notes that his brilliants and vociferousness caused fear among the other scientists, who saw Crick as a certain success who might expose their mediocrity.

3. What concerned Maurice about Linus?

Maurice was concerned about the interest of Linus Pauling's in the structure of DNA.

4. What would Francis find awkward in regards to the problem of DNA?

It would be awkward for Francis to compete with his colleague to find the answer to the problem of DNA.

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