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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is the best synonym for assuaged as it is used in the following sentence? Watson's conscious was somewhat assuaged, when Herman revealed that he was going through a divorce.
(a) Lulled
(b) Alleviated
(c) Modified
(d) Sweetened

2. What does Watson hope to learn more about as he studies TMV?
(a) RNA
(b) X-rays
(c) Crystallography
(d) DNA

3. How many types of nucleotides are in DNA?
(a) 5
(b) 6
(c) 3
(d) 4

4. Which of the following characters was on the edge of being fired?
(a) Crick
(b) Franklin
(c) Watson
(d) Pauling

5. Which of the following best describes Maurice and Rosy's working relationship?
(a) Collegial
(b) Difficult
(c) Supportive
(d) Symbiotic

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Watson and Crick meet Chargaff?

2. When would Watson and Crick be able to understand the configuration of inorganic ions?

3. What did Crick and Watson have in common?

4. Which of the following is the best term for chains of nucleotides?

5. Where were Maurice and Rosy from?

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