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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is crystallography?
(a) Field responsible for creating X-rays of crystals
(b) Field responsible for crystallizing proteins
(c) Field responsible for breaking apart crystallized proteins
(d) Field responsible for making crystals

2. What arrangement was did Watson work out with Markham?
(a) To pretend to work with him
(b) To address his need to study crystallography
(c) To help him convince his Fellowship committee to allow him to relocate to Cambridge
(d) To move to Cambridge

3. What was Watson's main scientific interest?
(a) The scientific process
(b) DNA
(c) RNA
(d) Human relations

4. Which of the following people wrote the forward?
(a) Sir Lawrence Bragg
(b) Max Perutz
(c) James Watson
(d) Francis Crick

5. What did Wilkin's x-rays show?
(a) Crystallized DNA
(b) Bone degradation
(c) Crystals taken from a mine
(d) Biological proof that DNA existed

Short Answer Questions

1. At what university were both Crick and the author working in the opening chapter?

2. Which of the following subjects did Watson avoid during his graduate work?

3. Which of the following is Watson's interest?

4. Which of the following subjects was Herman uninterested in?

5. Which of the following was NOT a reason that Watson was disheartened with Naples?

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