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Forward, Preface and Chapter 1

• The forward, written by Bragg, relates the human interest nature of the story and one of ethical debate.

• In the preface, Watson describes diagrams which will follow, a story about a climbing expedition and describes the five people he claims were part of the discovery of the structure of DNA.

• The first chapter starts with how Watson met Crick and his impressions that Crick was extremely intelligent and not afraid to express his opinions and thoughts loudly to anyone who would listen.

Chapter 2

• Watson joined the Cavendish lab to study DNA.

• Crick wanted to work on the problem of DNA, but was concerned about all of the human issues of competing against his colleagues.

• Maurice also had problems with the human issues, particularly his assistant who did research on her own and then wouldn't share it with him.

• Maurice might have to fire Rosy...

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