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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the candle light do for La Tour's paintings, according to the author?

2. What is the subject of most of La Tour's paintings?

3. Why does the author feel that La Tour's art is religious?

4. Upon what evidence does the author base his comparison of a schizophrenic's experiences?

5. According to the author, which cultures have the best art depicting nature scenes up close?

Short Essay Questions

1. To what does the author compare the world inhabited by schizophrenics in Appendix 6?

2. How can a state similar to schizophrenia be deliberately induced?

3. According to the author, how did Gericault see the world?

4. What literary allusions does the author make near the end of Appendix 6 regarding schizophrenics?

5. What are the types of passage that the author mentions at the end of Appendix 6?

6. What is unique about La Tour's style of painting?

7. What is unique and praiseworthy about Japanese and Chinese art, according to the author?

8. What comment does the author make at the end of Appendix 4 regarding La Tour's personal character?

9. Which of Gericault's paintings are included by the author in a list of Gericault's "demonic pictures"?

10. According to the author in Appendix 6, how are the doors of Heaven and Hell opened for the living?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Peyote and its active ingredient mescalin have been used for centuries by Native Americans and other groups for their vision-inducing powers. What was known about mescalin when Huxley began his experiment? What was the purpose of the experiment? What was discovered during the course of the experiment? Were there any unexpected effects of the drug? If so, what were they?

Essay Topic 2

Huxley discusses the role of vision-inducing methods in religion and spirituality. Why are vision-inducing methods often used in religion? What is the importance of visions in religion? What were the methods most commonly used by religious and spiritual zealots?

Essay Topic 3

Huxley discusses the power of not only positive visionary experiences but also negative ones. What are some of the major differences between the two? What types of people are inclined to have positive or negative experiences? What happens to people when they have these sorts of experiences?

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