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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the plant in which the substance being tested is found?

2. What substance is produced when adrenalin decomposes?

3. What happened to "pyrotechny" after the fall of Rome?

4. Why do people sometimes leave flowers as a religious offering, according to the author?

5. What results were produced when a researcher prodded parts of the brain with a fine electrode?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does light affect the art of sculpture?

2. How was pageantry used as a political tool?

3. In general, what is the topic of the first essay?

4. What does the author say about Plato during the first part of the mescalin experiment?

5. What metaphor does the author use at the beginning of "Heaven and Hell" to describe the unexplored regions of the human psyche?

6. What is the author's view of heaven and hell, as described at the end of the second essay?

7. According to the author, what is the role of psychics and mystics in the modern Western world, and why?

8. How and why has the diet of most people changed over time?

9. What types of art have the most transportative properties, according to the author?

10. What personal story is related by the author concerning the second vision-inducing method in Appendix 1?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Different groups have very different attitudes toward vision-inducing methods, according to Huxley. Which groups does Huxley mention? What are their attitudes toward various vision-inducing methods? Does Huxley agree with any of these groups? If so, which one?

Essay Topic 2

Huxley devotes one appendix to discussing the art of Georges de La Tour. How was Huxley affected by La Tour's art? What was unique about it? What does La Tour's art have to do with visionary experiences? Do you think other people who saw La Tour's art viewed it in the same way Huxley did?

Essay Topic 3

Huxley mentions the diminished role of psychics and visionaries in modern Western society. Why is this the case? Why are they still more prevalent in other societies? What changes occurred which brought about this situation? Do you agree with Huxley's opinion on psychics and visionaries?

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