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Short Answer Questions

1. What film does the author reference as an example of the distorted documentary?

2. What happens when mescalin or LSD is used in conjunction with the second technique described in Appendix 1?

3. What is Heaven, according to the author?

4. What researcher performed experiments with touching parts of the brain with a fine electrode?

5. What practice has been undertaken by almost all religious aspirants, according to the author?

Short Essay Questions

1. What experiment was conducted on the human brain by Penfield?

2. In what other way did faithful people sometimes induce religious visions, according to the author?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the first vision-inducing method discussed in Appendix 1?

4. What does the author say in "Heaven and Hell" about the two possible techniques for achieving the level of consciousness needed to explore the mind?

5. What is different about the two forms of visionary art discussed in Appendix 3?

6. To which spiritual practice does the author refer to exemplify the effects of a restricted diet?

7. How is the practice of pageantry related to theatrical spectacle, according to the author in Appendix 3?

8. What types of art have the most transportative properties, according to the author?

9. In general, what is the topic of the first essay?

10. What are the author's expectations regarding what he will experience during the mescalin trial?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Huxley mentions the diminished role of psychics and visionaries in modern Western society. Why is this the case? Why are they still more prevalent in other societies? What changes occurred which brought about this situation? Do you agree with Huxley's opinion on psychics and visionaries?

Essay Topic 2

Huxley describes various vision-inducing methods in the book. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and why? Which one does Huxley prefer? What groups of people commonly used each method? Is each method still commonly used? Are they all equally effective? If not, which ones are more effective?

Essay Topic 3

Huxley was willing, and in fact eager, to try mescalin for research purposes. Why was he so willing to try it? Were there any known risks? If so, what were they? How did Huxley feel about those risks? What expectations did Huxley have for the experience? Were those expectations met?

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