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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Appendix 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The substance being tested has been used by Native Americans of what region for hundreds of years?
(a) The Southeast.
(b) The Midwest.
(c) The Southwest.
(d) The Northeast.

2. From whence does the author believe visionary experiences originate?
(a) From the user's racial memory.
(b) From the user's imagination.
(c) From the Mind-at-large.
(d) From the user's memories.

3. What two techniques, according to the author, can produce effects similar to those of mescalin?
(a) Hypnosis and fasting.
(b) Fasting and meditation.
(c) Fasting and sensory deprivation.
(d) Meditation and sensory deprivation.

4. According to Huxley, what causes negative visionary experiences?
(a) Mental illness.
(b) An allergy to mescalin.
(c) The way that mescalin is broken down in the body.
(d) A negative outlook on life.

5. What is the first of the two methods the author discusses in Appendix 1 for inducing visionary experiences?
(a) Fasting.
(b) Hypnosis.
(c) Inhalation of carbon dioxide.
(d) Meditation.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did "pyrotechny" begin in Europe, according to the author?

2. To what does the author compare someone fasting and self-flagellating, instead of using drugs, to achieve a visionary experience?

3. What happened to "pyrotechny" after the fall of Rome?

4. What practice has been undertaken by almost all religious aspirants, according to the author?

5. What is the main reason for conducting the experiment in which the author participates?

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