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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What two techniques, according to the author, can produce effects similar to those of mescalin?
(a) Fasting and meditation.
(b) Fasting and sensory deprivation.
(c) Meditation and sensory deprivation.
(d) Hypnosis and fasting.

2. In what type of plant is the substance being tested commonly found?
(a) A bush.
(b) A cactus.
(c) A flower.
(d) A tree.

3. What is Heaven, according to the author?
(a) A concept invented by humanity because of our desperate need for hope.
(b) A vantage point for viewing divinity.
(c) A fallacy, created by those who misinterpreted visionary experiences.
(d) A place of rest and repose, where no one is doing anything.

4. Why are religious beings often portrayed doing nothing?
(a) Because it is too difficult for most painters to make something beautiful and to also convey a message with it.
(b) Because it would be sacreligious to presume to know what divine beings do with their time.
(c) Because their role is not an active one.
(d) Because human beings are not predisposed to look for action in art.

5. How does the author respond when the researcher asks him if his experience with the drug is positive or negative?
(a) It is mostly negative, but the positive parts make it worthwhile.
(b) It is positive for him, but he can see where it would be frightening for others.
(c) It is neither positive nor negative; it just is.
(d) It is mostly positive, but frightening at times.

Short Answer Questions

1. What substance is produced when adrenalin decomposes?

2. What is the art form which is most likely to transport those who experience it?

3. How does the author feel about the passage of time during the experiment?

4. How does the author respond when asked about spatial relationships?

5. Why are marble and stone often particularly impressive materials in art?

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