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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Appendix 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which is NOT an object or work of art that the author references in comparison to the subjects of La Tour's paintings?
(a) Da Vinci's apostles.
(b) A Bodhisattva from Khmer.
(c) Piero's angels.
(d) Pharaoh.

2. According to the author in Appendix 2, how would "proponents of a 'Nothing-But' philosophy" interpret mystical experiences?
(a) The result of mental illness.
(b) As simply the results of chemical changes in the brain.
(c) As a profoundly religious experience, independent from chemical changes.
(d) As an inexplicable glimpse into the Mind-At-Large.

3. How are many visionaries received by others, according to the author?
(a) They are treated with reverence and respect.
(b) They are regarded with suspicion, but are generally believed if they produce enough evidence.
(c) They are treated like normal people who had an extraordinary experience.
(d) They are seen as lunatics or swindlers.

4. According to the author, who might the old man be in the painting by La Tour referenced at the end of Appendix 4?
(a) St. Thomas.
(b) St. Peter.
(c) St. Paul.
(d) St. Joseph.

5. What is the first of the two methods the author discusses in Appendix 1 for inducing visionary experiences?
(a) Hypnosis.
(b) Fasting.
(c) Inhalation of carbon dioxide.
(d) Meditation.

Short Answer Questions

1. What development contributed greatly, according to the author, to pageantry and theatrical spectacle?

2. What materials were often used for self-flagellation?

3. What does the author say at the end of Appendix 4 about the relationship between an artist's character and their work?

4. What is the second technique, described by the author in Appendix 1, for inducing a visionary state?

5. According to the author, what did Ben Jonson fail to understand about theatrical spectacle?

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