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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 2: Appendix 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the first technique in Appendix 1 even less understood than mescalin use?
(a) It is used by very few people in comparison to mescalin.
(b) Its specific effects on the brain are not well understood.
(c) No research has been performed to determine its long-term effects.
(d) There's a lot of variation in what people see while using this technique.

2. According to the author, what are the odds of a negative reaction with the second technique described in Appendix 1?
(a) 1 in 100.
(b) 1 in 25.
(c) 1 in 80.
(d) 1 in 70.

3. Which of these is NOT a vision which the author thinks might be produced by prodding the brain with an electrode?
(a) Blake's visions of the Cherubim.
(b) Weir Mitchell's visions of the Gothic tower.
(c) Nostradamus's visions of the future.
(d) The author's friend's vision of a colorful Japanese landscape.

4. Artificial lighting gave, according to the author, a new visionary quality to what form of ancient art?
(a) Architecture.
(b) Basketweaving.
(c) Sculpture.
(d) Painting.

5. What does the author specifically state in Appendix 6 does NOT open the doors of heaven, hell, and limbo?
(a) "Massy keys of metals twain."
(b) Spiritual enlightenment.
(c) Death.
(d) The presence or absence of certain chemicals in the blood.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did "pyrotechny" begin in Europe, according to the author?

2. What event was, according to the author, an example of ancient pageantry which was enriched and improved by technological advances?

3. To whom does the author attribute the concept of Hades, mentioned in Appendix 6?

4. What is the difference between the two techniques the author describes in Appendix 1?

5. What happened to "pyrotechny" after the fall of Rome?

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