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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it that Dicey dislikes home economics class?

2. What is Gram's special announcement she makes as she serves the warm apple pie?

3. After staying at the motel for the night, where do Gram and Dicey go in the morning?

4. What does Jeff order and seem to know about when he comes to the market?

5. What is the class reaction when Mr. Chappelle concludes reading Dicey's essay?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dicey immediately do the same night Gram gives the advice about letting others help.

2. What does Dicey discover as a result of the last minute shopping duties suggested by Gram?

3. What is it about the wood carved chicken that ultimately has a big impact on Dicey?

4. What do Dicey's decisions about accepting a ride from Jeff but refusing to invite him in the house say about Dicey's attitude?

5. What does the English teacher comment about Dicey's essay that she refuses to respond to?

6. Mina rises to Dicey's defense for two reasons, one of which is she personally likes Dicey. What is the other reason?

7. When Jeff shows up uninvited at the barn, what does the conclusion of the day indicate about Dicey's progress.

8. What is it about Gram not telling Dicey any advance information about the trip to Boston or Momma's condition that shows Gram's state of mind?

9. What does Mr. Limgerle being a Thanksgiving dinner guest demonstrate is happening with the family?

10. Chapter 7 What is Gram's perspective on the essay, a point of view Dicey had not considered?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

While nervously awaiting in class the return of the essays by the English teacher, Dicey muses on the hypocrisy of school in general. Expand on the premise that school is supposed to be about learning and accumulating knowledge and wisdom, but in reality all that counts is a letter grade.

Essay Topic 2

A recurring theme is the opening up of oneself, letting others get to know you and enter in to your life. The opening up is a process of steps, not a single event. Discuss the author's techniques in using the characters of Jeff and Mina and the deliberate separate steps the process takes for Dicey.

Essay Topic 3

When they are at the bedside of Momma, at separate times both Gram and Dicey take hold of Momma's hand and speak to Momma. Elaborate on the author's idea that holding on is not the same as steering, controlling, and directing.

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