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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dicey decide to spend her own money to buy?

2. What does Jeff say he was hoping for when he gives a ride to the farm?

3. Who is the person that shows up on Saturday as a surprise when Dicey is working on the boat?

4. After dinner as they sit by the fire, what is Gram's advice to Dicey?

5. What is Millie's reaction to Jeff's visit to the market?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the principle involved when Sammy flatly refuses to discuss the reason for fighting on the bus?

2. What does Mr. Limgerle being a Thanksgiving dinner guest demonstrate is happening with the family?

3. What is it about the wood carved chicken that ultimately has a big impact on Dicey?

4. What is the purpose and the outcome of Gram's visit to Sammy's school?

5. What happens as Mina and Dicey walk together toward the farm after Dicey's work at the market?

6. What does Dicey learn from Mina about Gram that a new person to town most likely would not know for awhile?

7. What does Dicey immediately do the same night Gram gives the advice about letting others help.

8. What does Dicey learn about herself as a result of the brief conversation with Miss Eversleigh outside the market?

9. What does Dicey conclude when she first sees the failing home ec grade on her report card?

10. When the humiliation in the classroom ends, Dicey wordlessly takes her essay from the teacher and leaves the room without expressing her thoughts. What are Dicey's thoughts at that point?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A universal human trait is to understand who we are as a person partly by understanding the people we are descended from. Discuss the limitations encountered by the Tillerman kids in this regard specifically as it relates to the characters of Gram and Millie.

Essay Topic 2

When they are at the bedside of Momma, at separate times both Gram and Dicey take hold of Momma's hand and speak to Momma. Elaborate on the author's idea that holding on is not the same as steering, controlling, and directing.

Essay Topic 3

Elaborate on the symbolism of the sailboat found in the barn that is still very serviceable but needs to be scraped of the old and peeling paint, the roughness smoothed out and the exterior restored with a new coat of fresh paint. What are the parallels that liken to the four kids newly arrived at the farm?

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