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Short Answer Questions

1. What is clear to Dicey when see sees Momma?

2. What does the doctor say to Dicey that provokes her anger and grief?

3. What does Sammy repeatedly ask of the others in order to avoid conversation?

4. Who is it the family reaches out to and invites to Thanksgiving dinner?

5. As they walk, what does Mina blurt out, then immediately regret?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mr. Lingerle talk about during dinner that shows he truly is concerned about the Tillerman family?

2. What does Dicey tell Jeff in response to his invitation to the dance?

3. What does Dicey discover as a result of the last minute shopping duties suggested by Gram?

4. What family perspective concerning Momma occurs to Dicey as she does the Christmas shopping focused on each family member?

5. What happens as Mina and Dicey walk together toward the farm after Dicey's work at the market?

6. What does Gram tell Dicey about life when she hears about how Mina defended Dicey in front of the teacher and the class.

7. What does Dicey immediately do the same night Gram gives the advice about letting others help.

8. What does Mr. Limgerle being a Thanksgiving dinner guest demonstrate is happening with the family?

9. What is it about the wood carved chicken that ultimately has a big impact on Dicey?

10. The home economics teacher Miss Eversleigh gives a short speech about how important it is to know the life skills she is teaching in class. What is Dicey's reaction to the speech?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the premise that waging physical battle against rumors, lies and false ideas historically has not led to change of those factors and solutions always lie in a different direction. How does this basic premise relate to Sammy and his struggles of acceptance?

Essay Topic 2

A recurring theme is the opening up of oneself, letting others get to know you and enter in to your life. The opening up is a process of steps, not a single event. Discuss the author's techniques in using the characters of Jeff and Mina and the deliberate separate steps the process takes for Dicey.

Essay Topic 3

Dicey and her siblings made a journey toward the unknown in their summer travels from Massachusetts to Maryland. Once settled and things seem to be known and working out, Gram reverses the journey going from Maryland to Massachusetts and this time not disclosing what is known. Discuss how the two scenarios are the same and how each differs concerning the impact on Dicey.

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