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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the person that shows up on Saturday as a surprise when Dicey is working on the boat?
(a) Jeff.
(b) Mr. Lingerle.
(c) Toby.
(d) Millie.

2. What does Gram tell Dicey to do with the money she hands to her?
(a) Go Christmas shopping for the kids.
(b) Go get decent take out food for Gram, Liza and herself.
(c) Go buy Liza new winter boots.
(d) Go put this in Liza's account.

3. Who is it the family reaches out to and invites to Thanksgiving dinner?
(a) Jeff Cooper.
(b) MillieTydings.
(c) Mrs. Easterleigh.
(d) Mr. Lingerle.

4. What is Mr. Lingerle's surprise when they arrive at the airport?
(a) He says he is going on the flight also.
(b) He gives Dicey the book to read.
(c) He gives Gram an envelope of money.
(d) He says the tickets are free from his flyer account.

5. What is Jeff's surprise question to Dicey as they walk from the school to the market?
(a) Jeff asks if Maybeth can come to his house to sing songs.
(b) Jeff asks Dicey to a school dance.
(c) Jeff asks if he can come to the farm to see her again Saturday.
(d) Jeff asks if Dicey can get him a job at the market.

6. What happened with Sammy at school that Dicey finds reassuring and amusing?
(a) Sammy got his shoes wet, had to go shoeless inside school all day.
(b) Sammy told several funny stories that got the teacher and students laughing.
(c) Sammy and his friends were caught climbing in trees behind the school.
(d) Sammy lost a bet and had to kiss a girl, and he got detention when she screamed.

7. Who stops to talk a moment about school as Dicey is washing the market windows?
(a) Mrs. Smarts.
(b) Mr. Toby.
(c) Mr. Lingerle.
(d) Miss Eversleigh.

8. What does Dicey think is the most important aspect of an essay?
(a) The comments about punctuation because it always counts on the next essay.
(b) Topic sentences that give each part meaning to the whole.
(c) The grade is the only important part.
(d) The teacher notes because that gives all the clues on how to improve a grade.

9. What is the big change Dicey sees in herself since she and Gram left Maryland?
(a) Dicey allows Gram to take control despite her need to always be responsible.
(b) Dicey senses she is stronger than Gram and will have to lead the way.
(c) Dicey realizes she is now very much like Gram.
(d) Dicey senses she is drawing away from Gram in most ways.

10. What is Dicey's reaction to Mr. Chappelle's comments as she leaves the room?
(a) Dicey does not react because what he says does not matter.
(b) Dicey stops and glares at him until he turns away from her.
(c) Tears well in her eyes as she keeps walking.
(d) Dicey drops her bookbag and runs from the room.

11. What is Dicey's reaction when Jeff comes in to the market?
(a) Dicey is unresponsive to Jeff's attempt at friendly conversation.
(b) Dicey goes to the back room to avoid talking to Jeff.
(c) Dicey is smiling and happy to see Jeff.
(d) Dicey intentionally stands where Jeff does not see her.

12. What are Dicey's thoughts about her grade for English?
(a) English is an easy subject for her so she can do even better next semester.
(b) There must be a mistake because she is one of the smartest in the class.
(c) English is not an easy subject for her so take what she can get.
(d) The teacher has given Dicey a break because Dicey is new to the school.

13. What is Gram's advice to Dicey when they meet and hug in the morning?
(a) Dicey has to learn to let go.
(b) Dicey has to learn to care about others.
(c) Dicey has to learn to provide for herself.
(d) Dicey has to learn to be less emotional.

14. What does Gram do that is a big surprise for Sammy?
(a) She goes to his school at lunch recess and plays marbles with all the kids.
(b) She brings him up to the attic to see the storage trunks.
(c) She tells him they might get some chickens for the farm.
(d) She lets him drive the boat for a ride in the bay.

15. What does Jeff order and seem to know about when he comes to the market?
(a) Meats.
(b) Canned vegetables
(c) Cooking supplies.
(d) Sugar and flour.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice from Gram does Dicey recall when Mina becomes defensive?

2. What does James offer as proof that Maybeth is making progress?

3. What is the outcome of Gram's surprise for Sammy?

4. What does Dicey buy for Sammy that leads to a conversation about Momma?

5. What does Mina confide to Dicey are her problems?

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