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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After staying at the motel for the night, where do Gram and Dicey go in the morning?
(a) They go to meet the director of the new school.
(b) They go to the hospital where Momma has been living.
(c) They go to the pastor's meeting at the hall.
(d) They go shopping for Christmas gifts.

2. What does Dicey think is the most important aspect of an essay?
(a) The teacher notes because that gives all the clues on how to improve a grade.
(b) Topic sentences that give each part meaning to the whole.
(c) The comments about punctuation because it always counts on the next essay.
(d) The grade is the only important part.

3. What is Millie's comment concerning Gram since the kids showed up?
(a) Gram is more optimistic about everything.
(b) Gram is more like her old self.
(c) Gram is more secretive and withdrawn.
(d) Gram is worn down and tired from the extra work.

4. What is Millie's reaction to singing and guitar playing in the store?
(a) Millie thinks people entering the store will be annoyed.
(b) She thinks it is pretty, better than piped in supermarket music.
(c) She thinks the disruption can be heard outside and is too noisy.
(d) Millie thinks it best if this is not done in the store.

5. What advice from Gram does Dicey recall when Mina becomes defensive?
(a) Time passes faster than the past.
(b) Better to say nothing than to say a lie.
(c) Too many questions leads to too few answers.
(d) You cannot reach out with a clenched hand.

6. What is Dicey's reaction to Mr. Chappelle's comments as she leaves the room?
(a) Dicey does not react because what he says does not matter.
(b) Tears well in her eyes as she keeps walking.
(c) Dicey stops and glares at him until he turns away from her.
(d) Dicey drops her bookbag and runs from the room.

7. What does Gram tell Dicey to do with the money she hands to her?
(a) Go get decent take out food for Gram, Liza and herself.
(b) Go buy Liza new winter boots.
(c) Go Christmas shopping for the kids.
(d) Go put this in Liza's account.

8. What is the class reaction when Mr. Chappelle concludes reading Dicey's essay?
(a) Uncomfortable silence followed by random speaking out.
(b) No one seems to be paying attention.
(c) Impatience about getting all the essays passed out.
(d) Laughter and comments of praise.

9. What is the big change Dicey sees in herself since she and Gram left Maryland?
(a) Dicey senses she is drawing away from Gram in most ways.
(b) Dicey senses she is stronger than Gram and will have to lead the way.
(c) Dicey realizes she is now very much like Gram.
(d) Dicey allows Gram to take control despite her need to always be responsible.

10. What are Dicey's thoughts about her grade for home ec?
(a) The next semester was certainly going to be harder material.
(b) The next semester was probably going to be easier material.
(c) The teacher has given Dicey a break because Dicey is new to the school.
(d) She did not try hard, but had attended all the classes and did the work requested.

11. As they walk their bikes slowly, what idea does Mina suggest to Dicey?
(a) She wants to get to know Maybeth because Mina wants a singing partner.
(b) She wants to get to know James because she heard he is supposedly intelligent.
(c) Sammy might have an emotional imbalance causing him to be combative.
(d) Sammy may be getting in to fights because people say Gram is an odd person.

12. What does the group do after Thanksgiving dinner?
(a) Each picks a comfortable spot in the living room and all nap a while.
(b) Each picks a comfortable spot in the living room and tells stories.
(c) All agree to play board games in the living room.
(d) All take a walk together through the marsh down to the bay.

13. What is a comforting thought to Dicey as they sit at the table in the evening?
(a) Gram adopting all four will mean they can stay together.
(b) Current troubles of each will pass, the most important thing is they are together.
(c) Life at the farm is better than in Massachusetts.
(d) Gram seems to be getting used to having them at her farm.

14. What does the teacher emphasize as the most important aspect of the essay project?
(a) The essays are a means to promote group common ground.
(b) The grade is the most important part.
(c) The common errors most of the students made on the essay.
(d) The essays are a chance for inner reflection.

15. What does Mina offer as the reason Dicey would not cheat?
(a) Dicey is too timid and cowardly to cheat.
(b) Dicey is so smart she does not need to cheat.
(c) Dicey is part of one of the most honorable families in town.
(d) Dicey would not bother to cheat because she does not care what others think.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it that Dicey dislikes home economics class?

2. Who is the real life person that Mina chose to write about for her essay?

3. What is Gram's reaction to the suggestion she is a social oddball?

4. What does Gram do that is a big surprise for Sammy?

5. What does Mina confide to Dicey are her problems?

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