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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sammy repeatedly ask of the others in order to avoid conversation?
(a) Sammy asks if Dicey has a boyfriend in school.
(b) Sammy wants to know who can teach him to play marbles.
(c) Sammy asks if Mina has a boyfriend in school.
(d) Sammy asks if he can help Millie and Dicey at the store.

2. What are Dicey's thoughts about her grade for home ec?
(a) She did not try hard, but had attended all the classes and did the work requested.
(b) The next semester was certainly going to be harder material.
(c) The teacher has given Dicey a break because Dicey is new to the school.
(d) The next semester was probably going to be easier material.

3. What is Dicey's reply to Jeff's surprise question?
(a) Dicey says Maybeth is too young to leave the farm regularly.
(b) Dicey says she is too young to get a regular job.
(c) Dicey says she is too young to be going to dances.
(d) Dicey says she is too young to have regular Saturday visitors.

4. What is Millie's reaction to Jeff's visit to the market?
(a) His visit prompts her to recall her years growing up with Gram.
(b) His visit causes her to tease and giggle with Dicey.
(c) His visit prompts her to remind Dicey about the chores.
(d) His visit causes her to be embarrassed about the condition of the market.

5. What is the outcome of Gram's surprise for Sammy?
(a) Gram and Sammy read several livestock and feed magazines together.
(b) Sammy gets a dozen pair of warm wool socks and two hats.
(c) Sammy and Gram get their clothes soaking wet from the boat spray.
(d) The children now admire Gram and envy Sammy.

6. Who is the real life person that Mina chose to write about for her essay?
(a) Mina.
(b) Mrs. Tieds.
(c) Mina's father.
(d) Mr. Tillerman.

7. What are the feelings Dicey gets when shopping that she wants Gram to also experience?
(a) Dicey realizes the present can never equal the future.
(b) Dicey realizes that it is therapeutic to focus on the future and on others.
(c) Dicey realizes the future can be a mirror of the past.
(d) Dicey realizes the past is more important than the present.

8. What is the class reaction when Mr. Chappelle concludes reading Dicey's essay?
(a) Impatience about getting all the essays passed out.
(b) No one seems to be paying attention.
(c) Laughter and comments of praise.
(d) Uncomfortable silence followed by random speaking out.

9. What is a comforting thought to Dicey as they sit at the table in the evening?
(a) Gram seems to be getting used to having them at her farm.
(b) Gram adopting all four will mean they can stay together.
(c) Life at the farm is better than in Massachusetts.
(d) Current troubles of each will pass, the most important thing is they are together.

10. What does Mr. Chappelle tell the class about the quality of Dicey's essay?
(a) The quality is too good to have been written by a grade level student.
(b) The quality is stilted and difficult to follow.
(c) The quality is simplistic and beneath grade level.
(d) The quality is very good for a student at grade level.

11. What happened with Sammy at school that Dicey finds reassuring and amusing?
(a) Sammy got his shoes wet, had to go shoeless inside school all day.
(b) Sammy told several funny stories that got the teacher and students laughing.
(c) Sammy lost a bet and had to kiss a girl, and he got detention when she screamed.
(d) Sammy and his friends were caught climbing in trees behind the school.

12. What does Mina confide to Dicey are her problems?
(a) Mina comes from a huge family none of whom she approves of.
(b) Mina is an intelligent, huge black female with a pleasing personality, a giant oddball.
(c) Mina has to be known as the perfect daughter of the local preacher.
(d) Mina is like Dicey because she does not care what people think.

13. What does Jeff say he was hoping for when he gives a ride to the farm?
(a) Jeff was hoping to meet Gram.
(b) Jeff was hoping to meet Maybeth.
(c) Jeff was hoping to be invited to supper.
(d) Jeff was hoping to meet James.

14. What does Mina offer as the reason Dicey would not cheat?
(a) Dicey is too timid and cowardly to cheat.
(b) Dicey is so smart she does not need to cheat.
(c) Dicey would not bother to cheat because she does not care what others think.
(d) Dicey is part of one of the most honorable families in town.

15. What does Jeff order and seem to know about when he comes to the market?
(a) Canned vegetables
(b) Sugar and flour.
(c) Meats.
(d) Cooking supplies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the teacher's reaction to Dicey's meal planning effort?

2. Who stops to talk a moment about school as Dicey is washing the market windows?

3. What does Gram tell Dicey to do with the money she hands to her?

4. Who is the real life person that Dicey chose to write about for her essay?

5. What is Jeff's surprise question to Dicey as they walk from the school to the market?

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