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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mr. Chappelle tell the class about the quality of Dicey's essay?
(a) The quality is very good for a student at grade level.
(b) The quality is stilted and difficult to follow.
(c) The quality is too good to have been written by a grade level student.
(d) The quality is simplistic and beneath grade level.

2. How does Dicey explain to Mina that she is able to work a job while underage?
(a) Millie at the store never asked for work papers plus she is a lifelong friend of Gram.
(b) Dicey tells Mina that Millie is not quite right in the head.
(c) Dicey is undergoing adoption so is eligible to work.
(d) Dicey tells Mina to keep the secret that Dicey is paid at the store.

3. What is Gram's reaction to the suggestion she is a social oddball?
(a) Gram says people have always liked and socialized with her.
(b) Gram says how she lives her life is nobody's business.
(c) Gram says she is the same as most people that live in the area.
(d) Gram says people have never gossiped about her or her family.

4. What does Gram harshly tell Dicey will happen if Dicey does not follow Gram's advice?
(a) If you do not let go it can make you crazy.
(b) If you do not provide for yourself, others will dominate you.
(c) If you are too emotional, you become too weak to function.
(d) If you do not care about others you will become bitter.

5. What happened with Sammy at school that Dicey finds reassuring and amusing?
(a) Sammy told several funny stories that got the teacher and students laughing.
(b) Sammy got his shoes wet, had to go shoeless inside school all day.
(c) Sammy lost a bet and had to kiss a girl, and he got detention when she screamed.
(d) Sammy and his friends were caught climbing in trees behind the school.

6. What becomes a topic of conversation during dinner?
(a) Cooking methods for turkey and chickens.
(b) The changes in town since Gram was a child.
(c) Thanksgiving dinners of previous years.
(d) Family heirloom silver that was passed down from bootlegger ancestors.

7. What does Dicey tell Gram concerning her grade for English?
(a) The English teacher dislikes Dicey because she attended Massachusetts schools.
(b) Dicey will speak with the teacher and get corrected what she thinks is a mistake.
(c) English grade does not matter in school records.
(d) Dicey expects to do much better as the school year goes along.

8. What does Mina offer as the reason Dicey would not cheat?
(a) Dicey is part of one of the most honorable families in town.
(b) Dicey is so smart she does not need to cheat.
(c) Dicey is too timid and cowardly to cheat.
(d) Dicey would not bother to cheat because she does not care what others think.

9. As Mina and Dicey talk about different types of people, what does Dicey say about all people?
(a) Everybody has negative secrets about themselves.
(b) Everybody has something about them you just do not like.
(c) People cannot be trusted to not reveal secrets about another.
(d) People are better off not being able to choose their family members.

10. What are Dicey's thoughts about her grade for English?
(a) English is an easy subject for her so she can do even better next semester.
(b) There must be a mistake because she is one of the smartest in the class.
(c) English is not an easy subject for her so take what she can get.
(d) The teacher has given Dicey a break because Dicey is new to the school.

11. After dinner as they sit by the fire, what is Gram's advice to Dicey?
(a) Teachers are trained to be critical so pay no heed.
(b) People can be cruel and uncaring about others feelings.
(c) School passes quickly and is not the real world at all.
(d) You have to reach out to people, especially family, and not just let them struggle.

12. Dicey's essay should fail because it did not comply with what restriction according to Mr. Chappelle?
(a) The essay is too long for the assignment.
(b) The essay is too short in length for the assignment.
(c) The essay is supposed to be about a fictional character with conflicts.
(d) The essay is supposed to be about a real person the student knows.

13. What does Gram do that is a big surprise for Sammy?
(a) She goes to his school at lunch recess and plays marbles with all the kids.
(b) She lets him drive the boat for a ride in the bay.
(c) She tells him they might get some chickens for the farm.
(d) She brings him up to the attic to see the storage trunks.

14. Though Liza seems not to notice, what does Gram sit and do?
(a) Gram talks non-stop about the past and about the kids.
(b) Gram writes a letter to the bank for Liza.
(c) Gram does the meal planning for Liza's diet.
(d) Gram fills in information on the job forms.

15. Who is the real life person that Dicey chose to write about for her essay?
(a) Millie.
(b) Gram.
(c) Momma.
(d) Mrs. Eastleigh.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dicey decide to spend her own money to buy?

2. Which parts of the home economics teacher's explanation capture Dicey's interest?

3. What is Dicey's reaction when Jeff comes in to the market?

4. What does the group do after Thanksgiving dinner?

5. What is the big change Dicey sees in herself since she and Gram left Maryland?

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