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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is James' first reaction to Maybeth's plight?
(a) He is pleased with himself that he is not as slow as Maybeth.
(b) He is irritated that Maybeth is not emotionally stronger.
(c) He is angry at himself for not realizing how Maybeth's struggles are affecting her.
(d) He is irritated at Gram for allowing Maybeth to slack.

2. Who is the person Gram and Dicey decide to talk with about Maybeth's school progress?
(a) James.
(b) Mr. Lingerle.
(c) Mr Chappelle.
(d) Millie.

3. What happens that distracts and causes James to forget his promise about Maybeth?
(a) James visits the library and chooses a dozen fiction books for himself to read.
(b) James develops a lasting cold from the foul weather endured during deliveries.
(c) James makes a new friend, one who invites him to sleep over.
(d) James injures his ankle while making his deliveries.

4. While doing homework together, what does Dicey learn is troubling James about his classmates?
(a) His classmates are socially mean and overbearing toward James.
(b) His class mates are lazy underachievers with no direction.
(c) His classmates are smart, but not like him; he does not fit in.
(d) His classmates are all smarter than James.

5. During lunch at the mall, what does Gram report was the teacher's review of Maybeth?
(a) The teacher said Maybeth is disruptive and uncooperative.
(b) The teacher said Maybeth's work has gone down since the start of the school year.
(c) The teacher said Maybeth may need a tutor to help her stay current.
(d) The teacher said Maybeth is doing fine, right on course for grade level.

6. What is Gram's suggestion to Dicey concerning the teacher note?
(a) Gram will ask the lawyer to contact the teacher.
(b) Gram will meet with the teacher at the end of term.
(c) Maybeth will stay home from school the next day.
(d) Gram has already planned to go meet the teacher the next day.

7. What game is Sammy playing when he tries to bend the rules?
(a) Monopoly.
(b) Checkers.
(c) Parcheesi.
(d) Scrabble.

8. What is Gram's matter of fact statement concerning the kids?
(a) James probably will be better off within one year.
(b) Maybeth will be worse within one year.
(c) The family will proceed with the adoptions.
(d) Dicey should not concern herself about the kids.

9. What does James express to Dicey that he finds odd about Gram?
(a) Gram seems distracted by events in long years passed.
(b) Gram has unexplainable dark moods that come and go suddenly.
(c) Gram does not display pictures of her children or ever talk about the past.
(d) Gram tells too many quick stories about her kids.

10. What is it about Will Hawkin's character that Dicey considers as the topic for her paper?
(a) He keeps his two aspects of life separate, his friends and his work.
(b) He is essentially a shady person but tries to convey an image of honesty.
(c) He is essentially honest but tries to convey an image of shady dealer.
(d) He is a sad individual who hides behind the image of a fun-loving person.

11. What is it that distracts Dicey as she hurries from the school to the bike rack?
(a) Dicey imagines Gram sitting on the wall staring at the sky.
(b) Dicey notices a group of town girls and boys huddled together behind the school.
(c) Dicey notices a boy and a girl from a higher grade kissing behind the school.
(d) Dicey sees a boy playing a guitar on a wall behind the school.

12. Who is the subject of the long letter mailed from Boston to Gram?
(a) Dicey's father.
(b) Maybeth.
(c) James.
(d) Dicey's mother.

13. What is Dicey's suggestion to Gram concerning the teacher note?
(a) Write a return note stating Maybeth does the best she can.
(b) Dicey offers to see the music teacher after school the next day.
(c) Ignore the request for a meeting.
(d) Write a return note suggesting Maybeth move to a different class.

14. What is Dicey's thought about her own paper and James' paper about Pilgrims?
(a) She can organize her thoughts and her writing better than James can organize his.
(b) James has a good mind but has trouble putting thoughts on paper.
(c) James is just too smart for her to keep up with.
(d) James usually misses the point about life happenings.

15. What does Dicey conclude about her own standing in her class?
(a) All of her classmates are advanced far beyond the level of Dicey's previous school.
(b) Wilhemina seems to be the only other person in the class as smart as Dicey.
(c) All of her classmates seem to be smarter than Dicey.
(d) Not a one of her classmates is as smart as Dicey.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice from Gram does Dicey recall when she gets irritated with James?

2. What has Gram planned for the Saturday after Halloween?

3. What is the common thread in the kids' background that seems to stifle true joy of life?

4. What are Gram's personal thoughts concerning the finances?

5. As they discuss school, what trait about James does Dicey remind herself ?

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