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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Mr. Lingerle's mood after staying with the kids all day Saturday?
(a) He stays for dinner and relaxes with the family after dinner.
(b) He is tired and hurries to take his leave.
(c) He is irritated with James and angry with Sammy.
(d) He is disappointed with Maybeth.

2. What thought occurs to Dicey as she watches Sammy fill in at James' job?
(a) The process of holding on to a person is time consuming.
(b) Sammy is actually too young to fill in for James properly.
(c) Sammy is growing up too fast.
(d) Sammy has a light, pleasant spirit that attracts others to him.

3. What does Dicey like to do for solitary relaxation each afternoon?
(a) She likes to sit in Gram's wooden rocker on the porch.
(b) She likes to sit on the hill overlooking the bay.
(c) She looks forward to working on the boat alone each afternoon.
(d) She likes to nap in the tall grass behind the barn.

4. What items do Gram and Dicey purchase on their trip to the mall?
(a) They buy pairs of winter gloves for the kids and Gram.
(b) They buy jeans and yarn for sweaters for the kids.
(c) They buy winter boots for the kids and Gram.
(d) They buy wool blankets for the beds.

5. What tasks does Dicey do that she thinks will make a big difference in the store?
(a) Wash the shelves and each can on the shelves.
(b) Replace the burned out light bulbs in the display cases.
(c) Scrape old stickers from the windows and the entrance door.
(d) Dust the cobwebs from the ceiling and corners.

6. What is the new home economics topic that Dicey dislikes just the same as the apron project?
(a) Quilting.
(b) Nutrition.
(c) Stenciling.
(d) Sterilization.

7. What is Dicey's reaction when the children go to bed without saying goodnight to her?
(a) She is upset at being slighted by the children's behavior.
(b) She feels left out as a part of their daily routine.
(c) She is irritated at Gram for taking over supervision of the children.
(d) She is proud the children are showing some independence.

8. What is Gram's advice to Dicey as they conclude talking about Maybeth's note?
(a) Dicey needs to give Maybeth room to grow.
(b) Dicey should not think so much about the other kids.
(c) Dicey is not old enough to truly understand responsibility.
(d) Dicey has done a good job being responsible and should now take a rest.

9. Who is the subject of the long letter mailed from Boston to Gram?
(a) Dicey's father.
(b) James.
(c) Maybeth.
(d) Dicey's mother.

10. What is Gram's matter of fact statement concerning the kids?
(a) Maybeth will be worse within one year.
(b) The family will proceed with the adoptions.
(c) James probably will be better off within one year.
(d) Dicey should not concern herself about the kids.

11. What is the factor that increases the boredom Dicey endures in English class?
(a) The almost total lack of responses from her classmates.
(b) The simplistic, silly explanations by the teacher.
(c) The standard fluff her classmates come up with.
(d) The immature responses her classmates come up with.

12. What is it about the changed circumstances that has brought each of the kids to insecurity and doubt?
(a) Courts, lawyers, schools and social workers cannot be totally trusted.
(b) Gram might be too weak and fragile to permanently handle their lives.
(c) The new hope that life is about to get a whole lot better.
(d) The four will likely have to split up because no one person can handle all 4.

13. What are Gram's personal thoughts concerning the finances?
(a) She is pleasantly surprised at the amount of helpful money available for people.
(b) She is grateful for the kindly manners of insurance agents.
(c) She is unhappy about accepting public aid.
(d) She resents the uncaring manners of the insurance companies.

14. What game is Sammy playing when he tries to bend the rules?
(a) Parcheesi.
(b) Checkers.
(c) Monopoly.
(d) Scrabble.

15. What is Gram's reaction to all the paperwork about welfare assistance?
(a) She intentionally omits much detail.
(b) She finds the papers complicated and tells Dicey she needs her help.
(c) She refuses to respond to the personal questions.
(d) She cannot do it so gives it all back to the lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Dicey lies on the dock staring at stars, what does she conclude is making her edgy?

2. What are Dicey's thoughts as she realizes the younger ones are getting along without her?

3. What is Maybeth able to do at school that Dicey is determined not to do?

4. What thought occurs to Dicey when James shows the family Bible with the names of Gram's children written inside?

5. After lunch, what do Gram and Dicey conclude should be advice to Sammy about school?

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