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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What thought occurs to Dicey as she watches James try to calm Maybeth?
(a) Dicey realizes James is an emotional bully.
(b) Dicey realizes James has uncommon sensitivity about failure.
(c) Part of holding on to a person was letting each do things their own way.
(d) Dicey realizes James is not capable of understanding others.

2. What thought occurs to Dicey as she watches Sammy fill in at James' job?
(a) The process of holding on to a person is time consuming.
(b) Sammy is actually too young to fill in for James properly.
(c) Sammy has a light, pleasant spirit that attracts others to him.
(d) Sammy is growing up too fast.

3. What is James' announcement that surprises Dicey and Gram?
(a) The family of a friend of James has offered to allow him to live there
(b) James intends to quit school and get a regular job to help with the finances.
(c) He is totally unhappy with his life because he does not fit in at school.
(d) James has found a job for himself delivering newspapers.

4. What is the message in the note from Maybeth's teacher?
(a) The note requests a meeting the afternoon of the next day.
(b) Maybeth is in danger of failing.
(c) Maybeth's classroom conduct is out of control.
(d) Maybeth has been insulting to the teacher.

5. During lunch at the mall, what does Gram report was the teacher's review of Sammy?
(a) The teacher said Sammy is doing fine, right on course for grade level.
(b) The teacher said Sammy is disruptive and uncooperative.
(c) The teacher said Sammy may need a tutor to help him stay current.
(d) The teacher said Sammy is an angel, quiet and cooperative as can be.

6. What additional task does Dicey take on at the store when Millie struggles?
(a) Dicey will make a few home deliveries on her route home after work.
(b) Dicey will close the store in the evenings after dinner.
(c) Dicey volunteers to do the ordering since Millie has difficulty reading.
(d) Dicey will open the store in the mornings before school.

7. What recent find in the barn distracts Dicey's thoughts toward a daydream?
(a) A small sailboat.
(b) An old hunting rifle.
(c) An old pickup truck.
(d) A leather horse saddle.

8. What do Gram and Dicey agree upon about Maybeth's word lists and study assignments?
(a) Maybeth is a good student saddled with incompetent instructors.
(b) Maybeth deserves less study time, more time for herself.
(c) Maybeth is not learning to read using that method.
(d) Maybeth is progressing at her own pace and will eventually catch up with others.

9. What happens that distracts and causes James to forget his promise about Maybeth?
(a) James injures his ankle while making his deliveries.
(b) James makes a new friend, one who invites him to sleep over.
(c) James develops a lasting cold from the foul weather endured during deliveries.
(d) James visits the library and chooses a dozen fiction books for himself to read.

10. Who is the person Gram and Dicey decide to talk with about Maybeth's school progress?
(a) Mr Chappelle.
(b) James.
(c) Mr. Lingerle.
(d) Millie.

11. After lunch, what do Gram and Dicey conclude should be advice to Sammy about school?
(a) Dicey will tell Sammy he will soon have a tutor.
(b) Dicey will tell Sammy he has to spend more time reading.
(c) Dicey will tell Sammy his attitude at school has to improve.
(d) Dicey will tell Sammy to loosen up and be himself, he does not have to be perfect.

12. What sort of chore work does Dicey welcome to keep her focused on her project?
(a) Scraping and painting.
(b) Separating and cleaning moving parts.
(c) Cutting and shaping.
(d) Polishing and shining.

13. What is Gram's announcement that pleases the children?
(a) Gram intends to legally adopt the children.
(b) Their father is living nearby in New York.
(c) The children are moving to Boston to be close to mother.
(d) The four children will not have to separate.

14. As they discuss school, what trait about James does Dicey remind herself ?
(a) James is a lonesome disturbed person.
(b) James thinks about things too much.
(c) James has a mean nasty streak inside himself.
(d) James is a kind and sensitive person.

15. What is Dicey thinking about as she lies relaxing under the tree?
(a) Thanksgiving.
(b) Christmas.
(c) The long previous summer of travel.
(d) High school.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Gram's reaction to all the paperwork about welfare assistance?

2. What does Dicey think about Mina trying to be friendly?

3. What does Dicey conclude about her own standing in her class?

4. What advice from Gram does Dicey recall when she gets irritated with James?

5. What is Mr. Lingerle's mood after staying with the kids all day Saturday?

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