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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gram's reaction to the offer of a ride to town for her and Dicey?
(a) Gram is not pleased because she does not like to be helped.
(b) Gram becomes a little weepy and sniffles because of the kindness.
(c) Gram smiles and gratefully accepts the offer.
(d) Gram declines the offer and insists the boat will do fine.

2. What is the outcome of the meeting with the music teacher concerning Maybeth?
(a) Maybeth will acquire a different book and try harder.
(b) No changes will be made until after Dicey talks with the teacher.
(c) Maybeth will undertake remedial work in order to catch up with the class.
(d) He wants to give her weekly private lessons.

3. What is Dicey's reaction to the fact she might not need to meet with the teacher?
(a) She thinks the school people are too intrusive.
(b) She resents the lawyer's presence in their lives.
(c) She is happy to not have the responsibility.
(d) She is angry at Gram.

4. What is it about Will Hawkin's character that Dicey considers as the topic for her paper?
(a) He is essentially a shady person but tries to convey an image of honesty.
(b) He keeps his two aspects of life separate, his friends and his work.
(c) He is essentially honest but tries to convey an image of shady dealer.
(d) He is a sad individual who hides behind the image of a fun-loving person.

5. What is Gram's suggestion to Dicey concerning the teacher note?
(a) Gram has already planned to go meet the teacher the next day.
(b) Gram will ask the lawyer to contact the teacher.
(c) Maybeth will stay home from school the next day.
(d) Gram will meet with the teacher at the end of term.

6. What additional task does Dicey take on at the store when Millie struggles?
(a) Dicey will close the store in the evenings after dinner.
(b) Dicey will make a few home deliveries on her route home after work.
(c) Dicey volunteers to do the ordering since Millie has difficulty reading.
(d) Dicey will open the store in the mornings before school.

7. What is Dicey's thought about her own paper and James' paper about Pilgrims?
(a) She can organize her thoughts and her writing better than James can organize his.
(b) James has a good mind but has trouble putting thoughts on paper.
(c) James is just too smart for her to keep up with.
(d) James usually misses the point about life happenings.

8. What is Dicey's reaction to Jeff's choice of song and lyrics he sings for her?
(a) Dicey is silent, unmoved and indifferent.
(b) Dicey laughs and quickly walks away.
(c) Dicey smiles brightly and embraces Jeff.
(d) Dicey stifles back her tears.

9. What does the nun at day camp recommend concerning Maybeth's learning progress?
(a) She recommends Maybeth attend a school for the retarded.
(b) She recommends Maybeth attend the local Catholic grade school.
(c) She recommends Maybeth spend more time among other girls.
(d) She recommends Maybeth spend more time around adults.

10. What comment by James causes Dicey to understand why James is brooding?
(a) James says some people are always outsiders, wherever they are.
(b) James says life is too much about luck, not about substance.
(c) James says people are always mean-spirited no matter what.
(d) James says all yesterdays are better than the present days.

11. What sort of chore work does Dicey welcome to keep her focused on her project?
(a) Separating and cleaning moving parts.
(b) Scraping and painting.
(c) Polishing and shining.
(d) Cutting and shaping.

12. After lunch, what do Gram and Dicey conclude should be advice to Sammy about school?
(a) Dicey will tell Sammy he will soon have a tutor.
(b) Dicey will tell Sammy to loosen up and be himself, he does not have to be perfect.
(c) Dicey will tell Sammy his attitude at school has to improve.
(d) Dicey will tell Sammy he has to spend more time reading.

13. What does Dicey do at the store on the first work Saturday that seems to make a big difference?
(a) Discard out-of-date goods.
(b) Remove a damaged shelf.
(c) Wash the floor.
(d) Empty the overflowing trash bin.

14. What does James express to Dicey that he finds odd about Gram?
(a) Gram does not display pictures of her children or ever talk about the past.
(b) Gram has unexplainable dark moods that come and go suddenly.
(c) Gram seems distracted by events in long years passed.
(d) Gram tells too many quick stories about her kids.

15. What specific words in the song Dicey hears cause her to stop and concentrate for the meaning?
(a) A coat of many colors.
(b) Time to start anew
(c) Cannot find the ways
(d) All such days are done.

Short Answer Questions

1. What thought occurs to Dicey when James shows the family Bible with the names of Gram's children written inside?

2. Why does Dicey not want Sammy to help with scraping the boat?

3. What is it about the history paper James writes that is different than the usual?

4. What does Gram do when she overhears James and Dicey whispering about the family Bible?

5. What has happened to Maybeth that brings her to uncontrollable sobbing?

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