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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 2-3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the subject matter in English class that Dicey finds boring?
(a) Recently published fiction books that have sold as Hollywood movie themes.
(b) Character development in fiction.
(c) Character conflict in fiction.
(d) Character conflict in biographies.

2. What are Dicey's thoughts as she realizes the younger ones are getting along without her?
(a) She resents Gram's easy manner in taking over the responsibility for the kids.
(b) She feels good about not having all the responsibility for the kids.
(c) She feels abandoned and resentful at being left out of their lives.
(d) She thinks James is growing too fast and is trying to take her rightful place.

3. What is Dicey's reaction to the fact she might not need to meet with the teacher?
(a) She resents the lawyer's presence in their lives.
(b) She is happy to not have the responsibility.
(c) She is angry at Gram.
(d) She thinks the school people are too intrusive.

4. What is the common thread in the kids' background that seems to stifle true joy of life?
(a) Their comfortable former life in Massachusetts can never be recaptured.
(b) Hardships and loneliness are constant facts of their daily existence.
(c) They have always been poor and looked down upon.
(d) Serious physical and mental illness is hereditary in the family.

5. What is it about Wilhemina Smiths that makes an impression on Dicey?
(a) Wilhemina seems to know the material without studying.
(b) Wilhemina responds as if she has taken the English class in the past.
(c) Wilhemina has some insightful thoughts offered during English classes.
(d) Wilhemina is uncomfortable expressing her thoughts.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dicey's suggestion to Gram concerning the teacher note?

2. What is Gram's advice to Dicey as they conclude talking about Maybeth's note?

3. What does James say about fitting in at the new school?

4. What sort of chore work does Dicey welcome to keep her focused on her project?

5. What is Gram's suggestion to Dicey concerning the teacher note?

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