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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 2-3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first thing Gram announces when she finishes reading the letter?
(a) Gram says long letters always bring the best news.
(b) Gram says long letters always bring the worst news.
(c) Gram says life brings the unexpected.
(d) Gram says she wants a cup of tea.

2. As they discuss school, what trait about James does Dicey remind herself ?
(a) James thinks about things too much.
(b) James is a lonesome disturbed person.
(c) James is a kind and sensitive person.
(d) James has a mean nasty streak inside himself.

3. What is Dicey's assessment of her new school and classes?
(a) School day is long, slow, and boring
(b) School day is a whirl of thinking and doing.
(c) School is a fun filled, safe haven from the real world.
(d) School day is a series of posturing, posing, and pretending.

4. What does Gram do when she overhears James and Dicey whispering about the family Bible?
(a) Gram weeps sadly and leaves the room.
(b) Gram seizes the Bible and returns it to the shelves.
(c) Gram smiles, sits quietly, and prays for many minutes.
(d) Gram adds the four kids names to the family Bible list.

5. What is the subject of the meeting with Maybeth's music teacher?
(a) The music teacher thinks Maybeth should withdraw from the music class.
(b) The music teacher thinks Maybeth needs remedial help.
(c) The music teacher thinks Maybeth does not try to succeed.
(d) The music teacher thinks Maybeth is very talented.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the message in the note from Maybeth's teacher?

2. What is the common thread in the kids' background that seems to stifle true joy of life?

3. What thought occurs to Dicey when James shows the family Bible with the names of Gram's children written inside?

4. Where is Dicey's part-time job?

5. What advice does Dicey sharply deliver to James about school and fitting in?

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