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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it about Will Hawkin's character that Dicey considers as the topic for her paper?
(a) He keeps his two aspects of life separate, his friends and his work.
(b) He is a sad individual who hides behind the image of a fun-loving person.
(c) He is essentially a shady person but tries to convey an image of honesty.
(d) He is essentially honest but tries to convey an image of shady dealer.

2. Why does Dicey not want Sammy to help with scraping the boat?
(a) Dicey wants the time and the boat to herself, not to share.
(b) Sammy is too needy and will want to help every day.
(c) Sammy is too easily distracted and careless.
(d) Dicey is the only person that knows how and she does not want to instruct.

3. Who is the real life person that Mina chose to write about for her essay?
(a) Mina's father.
(b) Mrs. Tieds.
(c) Mr. Tillerman.
(d) Mina.

4. What is it about Wilhemina Smiths that makes an impression on Dicey?
(a) Wilhemina responds as if she has taken the English class in the past.
(b) Wilhemina seems to know the material without studying.
(c) Wilhemina is uncomfortable expressing her thoughts.
(d) Wilhemina has some insightful thoughts offered during English classes.

5. What does Mr. Chappelle tell the class about the quality of Dicey's essay?
(a) The quality is too good to have been written by a grade level student.
(b) The quality is very good for a student at grade level.
(c) The quality is simplistic and beneath grade level.
(d) The quality is stilted and difficult to follow.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the class reaction when Mr. Chappelle concludes reading Dicey's essay?

2. What is Dicey's response when Mina says she counted on Dicey not to be ordinary?

3. What is the surprise trip Gram tells Dicey to prepare for immediately?

4. What is Gram's advice to Dicey about life in general?

5. What is it that distracts Dicey as she hurries from the school to the bike rack?

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