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Adoption Report

Imagine you are the intake worker assigned to write the official report of Gram's visit and application to adopt all four children. Important points would be ages, descriptions, ability to support, ability to supervise and instruct, past experience at child care, etc.

Real Estate Plot Plan

Create a plot plan of the Tillerman farm including house, barn, fields, marsh, dock, bay, etc.

The Saturday Songfest Gathering

Create a sketch of the living room scene when the four kids, Gram, Jeff, and Mina all gathered on a Saturday to sing songs. This scene included the cookies Sammy and Gram baked for all to enjoy while singing together.

Millie's Market

Create a floor plan layout of the market including the aisles, the deli/meat counter, the checkout register/ bookkeeping area, the display windows, the street front, etc.

Missing Person

Imagine Gram has been missing a few days and...

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