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Chapter 1

• Dicey has led herself and siblings to refuge at the grandmother's farm in Maryland.
• Dicey looks forward to the distraction from constant responsibility by scraping and painting a small sailboat she found in the barn.
• Dicey gets a part time job at a small grocery and the kids look forward to having a little spending money.
• Gram discloses her plan to adopt the children and the plan to enroll in public welfare.
• Public school has started and soon Maybeth's music teacher sends a note home requesting a conference.

Chapters 2-3

• Dicey meets several people that try to befriend her,but she is not open to friendships.
• Dicey has a particular aversion to home economics class assignments, and that bodes trouble ahead.
• Maybeth exhibits some potential learning problems that impact on the home front.
• Gram shows strength and determination in making the plans for the kids staying at...

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