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Jeff Kinney
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Greg's mom notice there is something wrong with Greg concerning Safety Patrol?
(a) Greg's mom notices a week after the incident.
(b) Greg's mom notices when Greg starts crying at dinner.
(c) Greg's mom notices when Greg starts failing his classes.
(d) Greg's mom notices at dinner after the school day.

2. When did they hand out yearbooks at school?
(a) On the last day of school during Phys Ed.
(b) On the last day of school after recess.
(c) On the last day of school before lunch.
(d) On the last day of school after 8th period.

3. Why does Greg recognize the teenagers that interrupt Greg and Rowley's fight in May?
(a) The teenagers are the same ones from Halloween.
(b) The teenagers are well-known for being troublemakers.
(c) The teenagers volunteer at the middle school.
(d) The teenagers are friends of Rodrick's.

4. What happens after Fregley eats Greg's sugary sweets?
(a) Fregley turns into a maniac.
(b) Fregley starts to vomit?
(c) Fregley turns into a monster.
(d) Fregley tries to jump out the window.

5. Why does Greg think substitutes are comic gold?
(a) Greg knows that they will not do any schoolwork.
(b) Greg likes to make fun of the substitutes.
(c) Greg can pull any prank he wants.
(d) Greg can say anything wants and not get into trouble.

6. What type of fighting does Rowley know?
(a) Kung Fu.
(b) Martial Arts.
(c) Karate.
(d) Jiujitsu.

7. What game does Fregley want to play with Greg?
(a) Scrabble.
(b) Chutes and Ladders.
(c) Twister.
(d) Go Fish.

8. What is the punishment given to Rowley for his actions in March?
(a) Rowley has detention for one week.
(b) Rowley has to write a ten-page paper.
(c) Rowley has to apologize.
(d) Rowley is suspended.

9. What does Greg do to Manny's snowman in February?
(a) Greg kicks Manny's snowman.
(b) Greg smashes Manny's snowman with a rock.
(c) Greg brings Manny's snowman inside to melt.
(d) Greg throws Manny's snowman into the street.

10. What does Fregley's mom say when Greg comes over in April?
(a) Fregley's mom says that Greg has to leave by 8:00pm.
(b) Fregley's mom says that Greg can stay for dinner.
(c) Fregley's mom says that she is happy Fregley has a playmate.
(d) Fregley's mom says that this is the first time Fregley has had a friend over.

11. What is the name of the comic Rowley makes toward the end of the school year?
(a) Zoo-Wee Papa.
(b) Yoo-Daa Mama.
(c) Zoo-Wee Mama.
(d) Bazinga.

12. What do Greg and Rowley want to do after completing their snowman?
(a) Greg and Rowley want to roll the snowman down the hill.
(b) Greg and Rowley want to challenge the other kids in the neighborhood to make a better snowman.
(c) Greg and Rowley want to decorate the snowman, so that it looks like a real person.
(d) Greg and Rowley want to get the snowman into the Guinness Book of World Records.

13. What do the teenagers do to Rowley to get back at him for Halloween?
(a) The teenagers give Rowley a wedgie.
(b) The teenagers beat up Rowley.
(c) The teenagers make Rowley fight Greg.
(d) The teenagers make Rowley eat the Cheese from off the pavement.

14. During what month does it start snowing?
(a) January.
(b) December.
(c) November.
(d) February.

15. Who is the teacher that oversees the school paper?
(a) Mrs. Norton.
(b) Mr. Ira.
(c) Mrs. Clariton.
(d) Mr. Worsky.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Greg and Rowley doing when Rowley is called to the office?

2. What happens when Greg goes to Fregley's house that makes Greg second guess his decision?

3. Who is voted Class Clown in the yearbook?

4. Who reports the problem about the Safety Patrol to the school?

5. What does Greg think is the most interesting part of Rodrick's yearbook?

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