Objects & Places from Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Jeff Kinney
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Greg Heffley's Journal

This item symbolizes the common feelings of an insecure young person trying to find an identity. It serves as a representation of the journey one takes to shape an identity.

The Cheese Touch

This game symbolizes fear. It is an activity that can isolate and humiliate young people. It represents the unfairness and uncertainty of life as a young person.

Rowley Jefferson

This person represents everything that the main character does not want to be. This character is carefree and happy in his own skin, while the main character sits in the background critiquing every move he makes. This person symbolizes an opposing and possibly more confident force to the main character's insecurities and worries.

Manny Heffley

This person symbolizes the impatience of the main character. The main character acts irrationally toward this character, and the main character's behavior highlights his arrogance.


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