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Milne Ice Shelf

This is a floating glacier where the meteorite was inserted for discovery by NASA.

Washington, D.C.

This is the seat of American politics and where the press conference announcing the meteorite is broadcast from.

NASA Headquarters

This is where Gabrielle gets Harper to admit that he lied to the country about PODS.

The Goya

This is Michael Tolland's ship and the scene of the final showdown between Pickering and Rachel, Michael, and Corky.

USS Charlotte

This is the submarine that rescues Rachel, Corky, and Michael from the iceberg in the Arctic Ocean.

National Reconnaissance Office

This is where Rachel and Pickering work.


This is a man-made structure that NASA builds on the Milne Ice Shelf to conduct tests regarding the meteorite and its fossils.

Triton Submersible

This is a small, plexiglass bubble that Michael uses to explore the ocean.


This is a...

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