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Prologue | Chapters 1-5

• Dr. Charles Brophy is on the Milne Ice Shelf when a helicopter appears and he is forced at gunpoint to transmit a prepared message over his radio and then thrown out of the helicopter at 4,000 feet.

• Rachel Sexton is meeting her father, Senator Sedgewick Sexton, the Republican candidate for president who is trying to get her to leave her job as intelligence liaison to the White House.

• Rachel is then paged by her boss, William Pickering, several times who informs her that the President of the United States wants to see her immediately.

• Rachel is escorted to a waiting helicopter that she assumes is taking her to the White House.

• Meanwhile, three men, code-named Delta One, Delta Two and Delta Three, are in a storm tent, carefully watching the happenings inside a structure several hundred feet away.

• The three men have state-of -the-art surveillance and...

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