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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Eleanor Kerrison sitting?
(a) Up in her bed.
(b) In the kitchen.
(c) In the family room.
(d) On the top step.

2. How does Director Howarth respond to Dalgliesh's question about what Dr. Lorrimer is like outside of work?
(a) Howarth says Dr. Lorrimer was happy and well adjusted.
(b) Howarth says Dr. Lorrimer was a loner.
(c) Howarth says he did not know him outside of work.
(d) Howarth says Dr. Lorrimer spent much time in London for his social life.

3. What does Dalgliesh figure about the window above the bathrooms?
(a) Dalgliesh does not notice the window.
(b) That the window is painted shut and inoperable.
(c) That no one could conceivably make it to the ground that way.
(d) That a slender person could conceivably make it to the ground that way.

4. What is Middlemass's role in the halftime entertainment at the village concert the night of the murder of Dr. Lorrimer?
(a) A singer.
(b) A guitar solo.
(c) A violin solo.
(d) That of a hobbyhorse.

5. Who chats openly and honestly with Dalgliesh?
(a) Angela Foley.
(b) Dr. Kerrison.
(c) Director Howarth.
(d) Brenda Pridmore.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Howarth wish?

2. What do the detectives think about Mrs. Bidwell's version of the fight between Middlemass and Lorrimer?

3. What is missing that belonged to Middlemass's deceased father?

4. Where was Director Howarth the night before?

5. Whose son is Massingham?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who arrives at the lab before any one else and what surprises one of them?

2. About what situation does Dalgliesh try to understand?

3. What does Susan Bradley ask of Paul Middlemass and what does he do about the request?

4. Describe the conversation between Angela Foley and Adam Dalgliesh.

5. Describe the conversation between Brenda Pridmore and Adam Dalgliesh.

6. Describe Adam Dalgliesh.

7. What does Paul Middlemass tell Dalgliesh and about what does Middlemass lie?

8. How helpful is the interview with Cliff Bradley for Dalgliesh?

9. What does Brenda Pridmore talk about with her parents at breakfast and what is their reaction?

10. What is the situation with Mawson and Foley's need for money and how is Dr. Lorrimer mentioned in regards to money?

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