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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About what is Massingham happy when they land?
(a) To be off the helicopter.
(b) The country air and taking on a murder investigation.
(c) To be working with the famed Adam Dalgliesh.
(d) Nothing in particular.

2. Who witnesses the exchange between Middlemass and Lorrimer?
(a) Dr. Kerrison.
(b) Director Howarth.
(c) Mrs. Bidwell.
(d) Brenda Pridmore.

3. Who is Paul Middlemass?
(a) The Constable.
(b) Supervisor of the Document Examination Room.
(c) The Police Chief.
(d) The detective in charge of the homicide division.

4. Where was Director Howarth the night before?
(a) In London.
(b) At a woman's house for dinner.
(c) At the village concert.
(d) At his mother's home.

5. What is all the staff required to do in the library?
(a) Stay there until that evening.
(b) Read up on investigative law for their particular situation.
(c) Talk to Howarth who dismisses them one by one.
(d) Write down all their activities for the past 24 hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is in the lab that is likely the murder weapon?

2. Who seems emotionally immune to the process of an autopsy?

3. About what does Howarth have a conference with Dr. Lorrimer?

4. What important piece of information does Dalgliesh learn from his first interviewee?`

5. Who is a cousin to Dr. Lorrimer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Paul Middlemass tell Dalgliesh and about what does Middlemass lie?

2. Who arrives at the lab before any one else and what surprises one of them?

3. About what does Adam Dalgliesh speak to his boss?

4. How does the interview between Dalgliesh and Easterbrook go and what does Dalgliesh learn?

5. Describe Adam Dalgliesh.

6. Describe the conversation between Brenda Pridmore and Adam Dalgliesh.

7. What is Howarth doing the night of Dr. Lorrimer's murder and how does he back up his story?

8. What upsets Director Howarth about Dr. Lorrimer?

9. What does Nell do after her father has left the house?

10. About what situation does Dalgliesh try to understand?

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