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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Susan Bradley doing when she is introduced to the readers?
(a) She is in the shower.
(b) She is waking up to breast-feed her new baby.
(c) She is cooking breakfast.
(d) She is asleep.

2. Who requested that Angela check the keys in the safe?
(a) Dalgliesh.
(b) Howarth.
(c) Blakelock.
(d) Easterbrook.

3. What does Dr. Lorrimer inherit from his grandmother?
(a) A citeron.
(b) 100,000 pounds.
(c) A Citroen.
(d) 30,000 pounds.

4. What do the men discuss at the murder scene?
(a) How many teams have been eliminated in the Wimbleton doubles tournament.
(b) Why a newly-formed football team was suddenly sold.
(c) What the murderer might be doing right now.
(d) Why anyone would choose such as beautiful day to commit murder.

5. How does Director Howarth respond to Dalgliesh's question about what Dr. Lorrimer is like outside of work?
(a) Howarth says Dr. Lorrimer was happy and well adjusted.
(b) Howarth says he did not know him outside of work.
(c) Howarth says Dr. Lorrimer spent much time in London for his social life.
(d) Howarth says Dr. Lorrimer was a loner.

6. What does Mrs. Bidwell tell Dalgliesh about the lab coat?
(a) That Dr. Lorrimer never wore a lab coat.
(b) That the coat with Lorrimer's blood on it has disappeared.
(c) That the lab coat that Dr. Lorrimer accidentally burns is missing.
(d) That Dr. Lorrimer's lab coat was blue rather than white.

7. Who goes to tell Dr. Lorrimer's father about the doctor's death?
(a) Mercer.
(b) Dalgliesh.
(c) Angela Foley and Stella Mawson.
(d) Domenica.

8. What important piece of information does Dalgliesh learn from his first interviewee?`
(a) That Dr. Lorrimer was planning to resign.
(b) That Dr. Lorrimer hated Domenica.
(c) That Dr. Lorrimer had a date the night before.
(d) That someone has torn a page out of Dr. Lorrimer's notebook.

9. What does the caller tell Mrs. Bidwell early in the morning?
(a) Not to come in to work at the lab that morning.
(b) That her son was ill and she needs to go to London.
(c) That her husband is in the hospital.
(d) That the person who gives her a ride to work is unable to pick her up.

10. What does Middlemass emphasis in his responses to Dalgliesh?
(a) The story of Middlemass's nephew and Dr. Lorrimer.
(b) Middlemass's dislike of Dr. Lorrimer.
(c) The story of Middlemass's wife and Dr. Lorrimer.
(d) The story of Middlemass's son and Dr. Lorrimer.

11. What is Dalgliesh trying to accurately understand?
(a) Why Brenda Pridmore is the one sent to find Dr. Lorrimer's body.
(b) How Dr. Kerrison is able to pinpoint the time of death so accurately.
(c) How someone else got into the lab through the restroom window.
(d) The key and security situation at the lab.

12. What does Dalgliesh figure about the window above the bathrooms?
(a) That no one could conceivably make it to the ground that way.
(b) Dalgliesh does not notice the window.
(c) That the window is painted shut and inoperable.
(d) That a slender person could conceivably make it to the ground that way.

13. What does Howarth wish?
(a) That he and his wife had been able to leave that day on their vacation.
(b) That he had not said he would be at the murder scene.
(c) That his daughter is safe in London.
(d) That he had not given up his former job.

14. What surprises Brenda Pridmore?
(a) That the lights are on in the reception area when she arrives.
(b) That Mrs. Bidwell has not yet arrived at the lab.
(c) That Blakelock is not yet at the lab.
(d) That Dr. Kerrison is coming out of the lab when Brenda arrives.

15. About whom does Kerrison think on the drive to the murder site?
(a) The senior biologist.
(b) The pathologist at the main hospital.
(c) The way the mist is rising off his car meaning it will be a hot day.
(d) Why he is not out fishing on such a lovely morning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dalgliesh think of the people in the library?

2. Who cleans up after the meeting with the senior scientists?

3. Why is Howarth upset with Lorrimer?

4. What does Nell have in her hand?

5. What is the significance of the mallet being in Dr. Lorrimer's lab?

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