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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cliff Bradley assert over and over to Dalgliesh?
(a) That he knows nothing about any aspect of the crime.
(b) That Dr. Lorrimer and Howarth disagreed frequently.
(c) That Dr. Lorrimer was hated by almost everyone.
(d) That Dr. Lorrimer and Blakelock argued frequently.

2. Who from Scotland Yard is assigned to come to Chevisham to investigate a murder?
(a) Adam Dalgliesh and Massingham.
(b) Freeborn.
(c) No one; it is not their jurisdiction.
(d) Massingham since Dalgliesh is out of town.

3. What does Cliff Bradley ask Middlemass?
(a) If Middlemass would lie for Bradley.
(b) Nothing.
(c) If Middlemass talked with Susan Bradley the day before.
(d) If Middlemass thinks Bradley committed the murder.

4. About what does Howarth have a conference with Dr. Lorrimer?
(a) The sloppy lab procedures.
(b) Training Angela Foley to keep the lab reports up to date.
(c) Training Brenda Pridmore to create stains.
(d) Cliff Bradley's evaluation.

5. Whose son is Massingham?
(a) Dalgliesh's father's best friend.
(b) A charwoman.
(c) A peer of the realm.
(d) A notorious extortionist.

6. Who witnesses the exchange between Middlemass and Lorrimer?
(a) Dr. Kerrison.
(b) Brenda Pridmore.
(c) Mrs. Bidwell.
(d) Director Howarth.

7. About what does Stella say life isn't convenient?
(a) That the rain and fog will quit before a party Stella and Angela are planning.
(b) That the bus pulls up a moment after the two arrive at the bus stop.
(c) That the rain will come right after planting the flower garden.
(d) A cousin dying so that Stella might receive an inheritance.

8. What does Brenda need to learn according to her supervisor?
(a) To greet visitors with confidence.
(b) To log in evidence correctly.
(c) To be more detached.
(d) To coordinate lab activities.

9. What does Dalgliesh want to be recovered in the bathroom sink?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Some hairs.
(c) Vomit.
(d) A ring.

10. How is the man dressed who was cavorting around on the graves at the village concert?
(a) As a clown.
(b) In a hobbyhorse outfit.
(c) As a dragon.
(d) As a knight.

11. Who is Dr. Kerrison?
(a) A neurologist.
(b) A professor.
(c) A forensic pathologist.
(d) A psychiatrist.

12. Who stays with Mr. Lorrimer immediately after the news of his son's death is given him?
(a) His daughter.
(b) Angela and Stella.
(c) His neighbor.
(d) The priest.

13. Who checks the keys in the safe with Angela on the morning of Dr. Lorrimer's death?
(a) She does the check by herself.
(b) Pridmore.
(c) Blakelock.
(d) Howarth.

14. What does Blakelock tell Howarth when he comes back downstairs?
(a) That no one is in the lab but it is unsecured.
(b) That Dr. Lorrimer is upstairs murdered.
(c) That the cleaning woman is upstairs in a dead faint.
(d) That Dr. Kerrison is unconscious upstairs and Lorrimer is dead.

15. What does Dalgliesh think about on the helicopter flight to Chevisham?
(a) Whether he'd be back by the end of the week.
(b) If Dr. Lorrimer has a wife or children.
(c) His partner's background.
(d) If Massingham is competent since he's never worked with Massinham.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dr. Kerrison's biggest concern as he is leaving?

2. Who cleans up after the meeting with the senior scientists?

3. What action is Cliff considering?

4. How is Angela during her initial interview with Dalgliesh?

5. About what does Susan Bradley call Middlemass?

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