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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Cliff Bradley ask Middlemass?
(a) If Middlemass would lie for Bradley.
(b) Nothing.
(c) If Middlemass thinks Bradley committed the murder.
(d) If Middlemass talked with Susan Bradley the day before.

2. Who is entering the lab as Dr. Lorrimer is being removed?
(a) Dr. Lorrimer's father.
(b) Angela Foley.
(c) Mrs. Bidwell.
(d) No one.

3. Where was Director Howarth the night before?
(a) In London.
(b) At a woman's house for dinner.
(c) At the village concert.
(d) At his mother's home.

4. What is the major line of questioning Dalgliesh takes with Middlemass?
(a) How Middlemass logs in documents he is assessing.
(b) About the fight between Dr. Lorrimer and Middlemass.
(c) How Middlemass logs in people who come and go from his office.
(d) What interaction there is between Dr. Lorrimer's staff and

5. Where is Eleanor Kerrison sitting?
(a) On the top step.
(b) In the kitchen.
(c) Up in her bed.
(d) In the family room.

6. Who witnesses the exchange between Middlemass and Lorrimer?
(a) Director Howarth.
(b) Mrs. Bidwell.
(c) Dr. Kerrison.
(d) Brenda Pridmore.

7. What important piece of information does Dalgliesh learn from his first interviewee?`
(a) That Dr. Lorrimer was planning to resign.
(b) That Dr. Lorrimer had a date the night before.
(c) That Dr. Lorrimer hated Domenica.
(d) That someone has torn a page out of Dr. Lorrimer's notebook.

8. Who checks the keys in the safe with Angela on the morning of Dr. Lorrimer's death?
(a) She does the check by herself.
(b) Blakelock.
(c) Pridmore.
(d) Howarth.

9. What is missing that belonged to Middlemass's deceased father?
(a) A watch.
(b) A lab coat.
(c) A ring.
(d) A hat.

10. What do the detectives think about Mrs. Bidwell's version of the fight between Middlemass and Lorrimer?
(a) That it did not take place at all.
(b) They are unsure about of the story is accurate.
(c) That the fight was over Domenica.
(d) That it is a figment of Mrs. Bidwell's amble imagination.

11. About what does Dalgliesh question Dr. Kerrison?
(a) Whether Nell Kerrison could have done this.
(b) Why Dr. Kerrison seems interested in seeing Dr. Lorrimer.
(c) Where Dr. Kerrison was the night before.
(d) The cause and time of death.

12. How does Director Howarth respond to Dalgliesh's question about what Dr. Lorrimer is like outside of work?
(a) Howarth says he did not know him outside of work.
(b) Howarth says Dr. Lorrimer was happy and well adjusted.
(c) Howarth says Dr. Lorrimer was a loner.
(d) Howarth says Dr. Lorrimer spent much time in London for his social life.

13. Who goes to tell Dr. Lorrimer's father about the doctor's death?
(a) Mercer.
(b) Dalgliesh.
(c) Domenica.
(d) Angela Foley and Stella Mawson.

14. What does Mercer do after offering Dalgliesh assistance?
(a) Leaves Hoggatt's lab.
(b) Goes back to continue questioning Hoggatt's staff.
(c) Resigns.
(d) Calls his supervisor.

15. What protocol does Blakelock describe to Dalgliesh?
(a) The protocol of rank.
(b) The protocol of who is allowed to work after hours without Blakelock also being in attendance.
(c) The protocol of logging evidence.
(d) The protocol of signing out supplies.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Stella hire Angela?

2. What does Dr. Lorrimer inherit from his grandmother?

3. Why is Howarth upset with Lorrimer?

4. Whose son is Massingham?

5. What is all the staff required to do in the library?

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