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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was Director Howarth the night before?
(a) In London.
(b) At the village concert.
(c) At his mother's home.
(d) At a woman's house for dinner.

2. How do Brenda's parents feel about her job?
(a) Proud.
(b) Not happy.
(c) Fearful.
(d) Enthusiastic.

3. What does Howarth wish?
(a) That he had not given up his former job.
(b) That he had not said he would be at the murder scene.
(c) That he and his wife had been able to leave that day on their vacation.
(d) That his daughter is safe in London.

4. What about the concert facility does Dalgliesh question Middlemass?
(a) The layout.
(b) The colors of the walls.
(c) The cemetary nearby.
(d) Dalgliesh is not concerned about the layout.

5. What important piece of information does Dalgliesh learn from his first interviewee?`
(a) That Dr. Lorrimer had a date the night before.
(b) That someone has torn a page out of Dr. Lorrimer's notebook.
(c) That Dr. Lorrimer hated Domenica.
(d) That Dr. Lorrimer was planning to resign.

6. What does Dr. Lorrimer inherit from his grandmother?
(a) A citeron.
(b) 30,000 pounds.
(c) A Citroen.
(d) 100,000 pounds.

7. Who is Paul Middlemass?
(a) The Constable.
(b) The detective in charge of the homicide division.
(c) Supervisor of the Document Examination Room.
(d) The Police Chief.

8. What is all the staff required to do in the library?
(a) Stay there until that evening.
(b) Write down all their activities for the past 24 hours.
(c) Read up on investigative law for their particular situation.
(d) Talk to Howarth who dismisses them one by one.

9. Who stays with Mr. Lorrimer immediately after the news of his son's death is given him?
(a) Angela and Stella.
(b) The priest.
(c) His daughter.
(d) His neighbor.

10. Who is Brenda Pridmore?
(a) The new Clerical Officer/Receptionist at Hoggatt's Laboratory.
(b) Dr. Lorrimer's older sister.
(c) Cliff Bradley's older sister.
(d) Dr. Kerrison's babysitter.

11. Who requested that Angela check the keys in the safe?
(a) Easterbrook.
(b) Howarth.
(c) Blakelock.
(d) Dalgliesh.

12. What is Dalgliesh trying to accurately understand?
(a) How Dr. Kerrison is able to pinpoint the time of death so accurately.
(b) The key and security situation at the lab.
(c) Why Brenda Pridmore is the one sent to find Dr. Lorrimer's body.
(d) How someone else got into the lab through the restroom window.

13. Why does Director Howarth know Dr. Lorrimer looked at a book on Howarth's desk?
(a) He is not sure if Dr. Lorrimer looked at it.
(b) It was open to a different page than the one to which Howarth had it turned.
(c) The book was on the table when it had been on the desk.
(d) It was put back on the shelf.

14. Where does the interview with Angela Foley take place?
(a) In Angela's home.
(b) In the Director's office.
(c) In the library.
(d) In Dr. Lorrimer's lab.

15. Why does Stella hire Angela?
(a) To clean house.
(b) To take care of the cottage grounds.
(c) To train Stella's dog.
(d) To help Stella type.

Short Answer Questions

1. About whom does Kerrison think on the drive to the murder site?

2. What do the detectives think about Mrs. Bidwell's version of the fight between Middlemass and Lorrimer?

3. Who interrupts the meeting between Howarth and Dr. Lorrimer?

4. Who is a cousin to Dr. Lorrimer?

5. Who is entering the lab as Dr. Lorrimer is being removed?

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