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These are the buttons on Paul Middlemass' lab coat are embossed with the symbol of the Dental Corps, in which his father, a dentist worked.


This the mallet that s laying on the table in Dr. Lorrimer's lab office. It is being examined to see whether dog or human blood stains it. Dr. Kerrison uses the mallet to murder Dr. Lorrimer.


These are bags which detectives use for holding and preserving pieces of evidence from a crime scene or search scene.


Paul Middlemass's lab coats were ones that his father, a dentist, wore. Middlemass wears one of his dad's lab coats each day in his job as Principal Scientific Officer Document Examiner. On the day Middlemass punches Dr. Lorrimer, some of Lorrimer's blood gets on Middlemass's lab coat.


These are numbers that slide onto a board in the Hoggatt's chapel and...

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