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Television Reporter

As a television reporter, provide coverage of Dr. Lorrimer's death on the scene. Include interviews with Howarth, Dalgliesh, and Primore.


Write a screenplay of the scene between Dr. Lorrimer and Dr. Kerrison just before Kerrison kills Lorrimer. Have the students act it out.

Character Pictures

Have everyone bring in pictures cut from magazines that illustrate their idea of what Brenda, Lorrimer, Dr. Kerrison, Nell Kerrison, Adam Dalgliesh, Massingham, Domenica, and Howarth look like. Have the class vote on the pictures and make a poster with the five winning pictures.

What if?

Writers often ask themselves "What if?" when looking for plot twists and story development. Choose a point in Death of an Expert Witness where you might say "what if," and develop that point into a story.

Trivial Game

Create a trivial game based on Death of an Expert Witness and have students play the...

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