Death of an Expert Witness Character Descriptions

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Dr. Kerrison

Dr. Kerrison is a pathologist, serving on in an as-needed basis for the local police department. He wishes to receive an appointment as the Home Office Pathologist, which would give him security and prestige. Kerrison is almost forty-five, in the middle of a divorce and child-custody battle, and is worried that he will be let go as the forensic pathologist if they hire someone else as the home office pathologist. He believes his work as a forensic pathologist is the only thing at which he excels. Kerrison is viewed as a very capable and careful pathologist who always holds up well on the witness stand in court cases.

Kerrison dotes on his two children, particularly his youngest, William, who is about four. His oldest daughter, Eleanor (Nell), a young teen, is somewhat emotionally disturbed and difficult to handle. Dr. Kerrison believes he commits two murders for...

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