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Book 1, A Call to Murder, Chapter 1-5

• Dr. Kerrison is summoned to a murder scene and his daughter, Nell, sits on the steps to await his return.

• Nell melts a wax doll that represents Dr. Lorrimer and puts a curse on the man.

• Director Howarth is at the clunch field to observe the activities concerning the murder of a young woman.

• Howarth wishes he were not there and that he had not said he would attend the autopsy in the morning.

• Howarth thinks about his resentment and hatred of Dr. Lorrimer.
• Susan Bradley wakes up to breastfeed her baby and she and her husband Cliff discuss his job.

• Cliff is thinking of resigning and she urges him to rethink the idea.

• Susan Bradley decided to call Paul Middlemass and ask him to intervene between Lorrimer and Cliff.
• Brenda Pridmore is having breakfast with her parents and enthusiastically discussing...

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