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Jeff Lindsay
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 6-7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of vehicle does Dexter suggest the murder suspect uses to transport the bodies?
(a) A taxi cab.
(b) A limo.
(c) A refrigerated truck.
(d) A pickup truck.

2. What does the narrator stick in Father Donovan's neck?
(a) Knife.
(b) Pencil.
(c) Needle.
(d) Pen.

3. What is cell crystallization?
(a) Cells that crystallize from cold.
(b) Cells that crystallize from water.
(c) Cells that crystallize from salt.
(d) Cells that crystallize from heat.

4. Who is the Dark Passenger?
(a) Dexter's inner voice.
(b) Father Donovan.
(c) Dexter's dad.
(d) The Tamiami Trail killer.

5. Metro-Dade has a policy of pulling the homicide team together approximately _____ after a murder.
(a) 24 hours.
(b) 60 minutes.
(c) 48 hours.
(d) 72 hours.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dexter says that ______ are important to him.

2. What is the tattoo of on the ankle of the murder victim in Chapter 3?

3. What type of souvenir from his victims does Dexter keep?

4. According to Dexter, the crime lab gang does not wear ______.

5. According to Dexter, why did the murder suspect not finish cutting his latest victim?

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