Objects & Places from Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Jeff Lindsay
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Barbie Doll - Dexter finds a this object in his freezer after chasing the Tamiami Trail killer through the streets of Miami.

Dark Passenger - Dexter calls the part of him that kills by this name.

Slides - Dexter keeps these objects with a blood drop from each of his victims.

Silk Mask - Dexter wears this object when he kills his victims.

Wrapped Bodies - The Tamiami Trail killer does this to his victims before disposing of them.

Knife - Dexter's weapon of choice is this object.

Plastic Wrap - When Dexter kills the elementary school child molester, he uses this object he finds on some sheet rock to protect his clothing, since he has not thought to bring along other protection.

Storage Containers - Dexter finds Deborah at the docks in these objects after she is kidnapped by the Tamiami Trail killer.

Refrigerated Truck -...

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