Darkly Dreaming Dexter Character Descriptions

Jeff Lindsay
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Dexter Morgan

This character is a blood analysis technician for the Metro-Dade Police Department.

Deborah Morgan

This character wants to be as good a cop as her father was.

Harry Morgan

This character teaches his adopted son to only kill people who deserve to die, such as other serial killers.

Vince Masuoka

This character is an awkward man, who often tries to make crude jokes in order to fit in with the other cops and lab techs.

Angel Baptista

This character is an investigator in the medical examiner's office.

Detective Migdia LaGuerta

This character is an inept investigator, who has only gotten to the position she holds due to her ability to play the political game.

Captain Matthews

This character is the head of the homicide division for the Metro-Dade Police Department.

Sergeant Doakes

This character is a large, black detective, who does not like the narrator.

Tamiami Trail Killer

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