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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brown do as soon as the gunslinger leaves?
(a) He gets water from the well.
(b) He goes into his house.
(c) He roots his cornbed.
(d) He says a prayer.

2. What is the gunslinger's reply when Brown asks him if he is desperate?
(a) I'm past desperate.
(b) I'll never be desperate.
(c) Not yet
(d) Yes, for the first time.

3. How does the gunslinger view the boy in the light of the fire?
(a) He sees Jake as a liar.
(b) He sees Jake as untrustworthy.
(c) He sees Jake as young and innocent.
(d) He sees Jake as a potential threat.

4. What is the gunslinger able to do in spite of being stabbed several times?
(a) Drag himself away from the mob
(b) Run for shelter
(c) Reload his guns
(d) Hop onto his horse

5. Where does the man in black lead the gunslinger?
(a) Back into the desert
(b) The ancient killing grounds
(c) Back to Tull
(d) The mountains

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Brown planning to do with the gunslinger's mule?

2. What does Sylvia accuse the gunslinger of doing to her?

3. What has been on the gunslinger's mind all day as he trudges through the desert?

4. How does the gunslinger get into Sylvia's residence?

5. What question does the gunslinger ask the man in black?

Short Essay Questions

1. Summarize Sylvia Pittston's encounter with the man in black.

2. Describe the parting of Brown and the gunslinger.

3. Summarize the outcome of the gunslinger's shoot-out with the townspeople of Tull.

4. Describe the night as the gunslinger sleeps in the desert.

5. Describe where the gunslinger finds Jake when he is missing from the campsite.

6. Describe the appearance of Brown on the day the gunslinger leaves his home.

7. Describe the killing ground where the man in black leads the gunslinger.

8. Describe what Roland and Cuthbert overhear as they eat their dessert and how they react.

9. Summarize why the gunslinger goes back to the circle of stones.

10. Describe the events that take place as the gunslinger walks through the center of town.

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