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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Alice say about Nort?
(a) He was a lawyer once.
(b) He is dead and was touched by God.
(c) He is a rotter.
(d) He is an old man.

2. What happened to the gunslinger in the town of Tull?
(a) He was almost killed there.
(b) He was robbed by crazies.
(c) He was deathly ill.
(d) His horse was stolen.

3. How does Brown surprise the gunslinger when they sit down to eat?
(a) Brown starts singing a hymn.
(b) Brown starts crying.
(c) Brown gives the gunslinger his portion.
(d) Brown recites a blessing.

4. What happens to Nort when he enters the bar when being followed by the children and dogs?
(a) The dogs attacked him.
(b) He puked black and full of blood.
(c) He trips and falls.
(d) He passed out on the floor.

5. Where does Sylvia Pittston live?
(a) She lives in the basement of the bar.
(b) She lives in a shack behind the church.
(c) She lives in the hills.
(d) She lives in a cave outside of town.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Allie tell the gunslinger about Sylvia Pittston?

2. What does Alice think about the gunslinger when he makes no comment when she is finished talking?

3. What does Sheb have in his hand when he breaks into Alice's bedroom?

4. What does Brown consider his life to be?

5. How does the gunslinger react when the piano player charges at him and Alice?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the gunslinger's guns.

2. Describe Allie's room where she and the gunslinger make love.

3. Describe the preacher who gives a sermon at the church.

4. Summarize the preacher's comments about the Interloper.

5. Summarize what becomes of the gunslinger's mule.

6. Describe the situation when Sheb breaks into Allie's room.

7. Describe the explanation Brown gives about his planted corn the last time it rained.

8. Summarize the scene in the bar when Nort puts a hand on the gunslinger's shoulder.

9. Summarize the night sky as the gunslinger camps for the night.

10. Summarize what goes through the gunslinger's mind when Zoltan starts reciting the Lord's Prayer.

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