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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brown do as soon as the gunslinger leaves?
(a) He says a prayer.
(b) He goes into his house.
(c) He gets water from the well.
(d) He roots his cornbed.

2. What do Roland and Cuthbert do after they hear the secret conversation?
(a) Tell the priest.
(b) Tell their mothers.
(c) Tell their fathers.
(d) Tell the Good Man.

3. What does the gunslinger realize about Jake?
(a) The gunslinger loves the boy.
(b) Jake is a demon.
(c) He is a sacrifice.
(d) Jake is destined to be a priest.

4. How does the gunslinger eat his breakfast?
(a) He picks at the food.
(b) He doesn't eat anything.
(c) Slowly, while making small talk
(d) Rapidly, without speaking

5. What question does the gunslinger ask the man in black?
(a) He asks how long he has been a minion of the Tower.
(b) He asks who the man in black's master is.
(c) He asks how he can be as powerful as the man in black.
(d) He asks how he can reach the next level.

6. Where does the man in black lead the gunslinger?
(a) Back to Tull
(b) The ancient killing grounds
(c) The mountains
(d) Back into the desert

7. What hangs on Sylvia Pittston's door?
(a) A rabbit's foot
(b) A large wooden cross
(c) A dead cat
(d) The Lord's Prayer

8. What does Sylvia say is beyond the desert when the gunslinger grabs her?
(a) Ancient ruins
(b) A city
(c) A forest
(d) Mountains

9. What means of transportation are Jake and the gunslinger using to follow the man in black?
(a) An underground railcar
(b) A horse
(c) On foot
(d) An old mule

10. What does the gunslinger tell Jake about the Tower?
(a) It is a power-nexis in time.
(b) It is the answer to life's questions.
(c) It is a place of evil.
(d) It is the center of the universe.

11. What does the gunslinger see in his vision?
(a) Something of cosmic importance
(b) The end of the universe
(c) His own death
(d) The death of the man in black

12. What is the gunslinger dreaming about when he is startled from his sleep?
(a) He dreams about Cuthbert's death.
(b) He dreams about finding Jake.
(c) He dreams about Cort teaching him to shoot.
(d) He dreams about Susan being burned alive.

13. What do the boys ask their fathers about the hanging in the town?
(a) They ask if they can watch.
(b) They ask that they not be made to watch.
(c) They ask if they can offer prayers before the hanging.
(d) They ask if they can talk to the prisoner before the hanging.

14. Why does Brown question the gunslinger's humanity?
(a) The gunslinger proud of the dead people he leaves behind.
(b) The gunslinger laughs about the people he has killed.
(c) The gunslinger doesn't understand why he should feel bad about Tull.
(d) The gunslinger looks at Brown with serpentine eyes.

15. What is the last thing Allie asks the gunslinger?
(a) She asks him if he will be back.
(b) She asks him if he is leaving.
(c) She asks him if he is a demon.
(d) She asks him if he is ever surprised.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the final result of the gunslinger's altercation with the people of Tull?

2. What does the gunslinger guard about his character?

3. What choice does the gunslinger have to make when he and Jake finally confront the man in black?

4. Who taught the gunslinger how to shoot?

5. What surprises the gunslinger about the man in black?

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