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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brown do as soon as the gunslinger leaves?
(a) He roots his cornbed.
(b) He gets water from the well.
(c) He goes into his house.
(d) He says a prayer.

2. What is the gunslinger's mystic number that determines his fate?
(a) Five
(b) Nine
(c) Seven
(d) Three

3. What is the weather like as the gunslinger rides out of town?
(a) Windy and cold
(b) Moist and foggy
(c) Dusty and dry
(d) The heat is like a hammer.

4. What does Sylvia say to the gunslinger when he comes into her home?
(a) She tells him that he walks an evil way.
(b) She tells him that she's been expecting him.
(c) She asks him to save the town.
(d) She thanks him for coming.

5. What is the gunslinger's reaction when men, women, and children come after him with clubs and knives?
(a) He gives them a warning.
(b) He tries to talk sense into them.
(c) He opens fire.
(d) He takes shelter in the barn.

6. What question does the gunslinger ask Brown?
(a) He asks Brown if he is a spirit.
(b) He asks Brown if he can stay awhile.
(c) He asks Brown who he really is.
(d) He asks Brown if he wants to kill him.

7. What is the scene as the gunslinger dreams?
(a) The fire is out and the stars are pale.
(b) Rain is beginning to fall.
(c) The fire is blazing.
(d) The stars and moon are shining brightly.

8. What is the gunslinger dreaming about when he is startled from his sleep?
(a) He dreams about Cuthbert's death.
(b) He dreams about Cort teaching him to shoot.
(c) He dreams about Susan being burned alive.
(d) He dreams about finding Jake.

9. Who does the gunslinger see sitting in the shadows?
(a) Brown
(b) Zoltan
(c) A small boy
(d) The man in black

10. Why does Brown question the gunslinger's humanity?
(a) The gunslinger doesn't understand why he should feel bad about Tull.
(b) The gunslinger looks at Brown with serpentine eyes.
(c) The gunslinger proud of the dead people he leaves behind.
(d) The gunslinger laughs about the people he has killed.

11. What disturbs Marten and Roland's mother about his comment that his mother has not dismissed him?
(a) Roland threatens Marten.
(b) Roland insults his father.
(c) Roland talks to Marten in High Speech.
(d) Roland insults his mother.

12. What do Roland and Cuthbert do after they hear the secret conversation?
(a) Tell their mothers.
(b) Tell the priest.
(c) Tell their fathers.
(d) Tell the Good Man.

13. What does the man in black do with the tarot cards?
(a) Throws them into the air
(b) Lays them out in front of the gunslinger
(c) Tosses them into the fire
(d) Tells the gunslinger's future

14. Where does Brown think the man in black is?
(a) Past the desert
(b) In the desert
(c) In the mountains
(d) Very close

15. How does the gunslinger view Brown on the morning he is leaving Brown's home?
(a) As a slightly crazed man
(b) As someone not to be trusted
(c) As a dishonest man
(d) As an amazing figure

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the gunslinger carrying as he walks away from Brown?

2. Why does Sylvia say that making love to her will be the death of the gunslinger?

3. What happens as Kennerly looks at the gunslinger with a hate-filled grin?

4. What does Brown ask the gunslinger when he is done telling his story about Tull?

5. What does the desert bake out of the gunslinger?

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