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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the gunslinger believe the man in black did to Sylvia Pittston?
(a) Turned her into one of his followers
(b) Cast a spell on her
(c) Left a demon in her
(d) Hypnotized her

2. What are the three things Brown believes are important?
(a) Rain, friendship, food
(b) Food, water, friendship
(c) Food, water, health
(d) Rain, health, expansion of the spirit

3. How does the gunslinger react to Pittston's plea to the congregation to crush what she fears most?
(a) He thinks she is harmless
(b) He believes she is a fake
(c) He is unsettled
(d) He thinks she is the Antichrist

4. What does Nort chew on instead of eating?
(a) A piece of straw
(b) Devil grass
(c) Old leather
(d) A cow hoof

5. How many daughters does Kennerly have?
(a) Three
(b) Five
(c) Four
(d) Two

6. What strange thought crosses the gunslinger's mind about Brown?
(a) Brown could be the man in black.
(b) Brown could be in his imagination.
(c) Brown could be a spirit.
(d) Brown could be plotting to murder him.

7. What does Alice think about the man in black as he speaks to her about Nort?
(a) Love
(b) Fascination
(c) Fear
(d) Loathing

8. What pleases the gunslinger about the fugitive he is following?
(a) The fugitive is slowing down.
(b) The fugitive's essential humanity
(c) The fugitive is leaving more clues.
(d) The fugitive is bleeding.

9. What is Allie's reason for not going to church?
(a) The preacher is lecherous.
(b) She gave up on her faith.
(c) She doesn't believe in God.
(d) The preacher woman has a poison religion.

10. What is Alice's response when the gunslinger asks her what is south of the desert?
(a) She tells him there is an ocean there.
(b) She tells him that the crazies live there.
(c) She answers that there is a village there.
(d) She answers that she doesn't know.

11. How long has the gunslinger been following the fugitive?
(a) Two months
(b) A week
(c) One year
(d) Six months

12. What does the man in black do to Nort who lies across the tables?
(a) He lunges across Nort's body, howling.
(b) He spits in his face.
(c) He pours whiskey in his face.
(d) He stuffs devil grass in his mouth.

13. What song is playing as the gunslinger enters Tull?
(a) California Dreaming
(b) Help
(c) Hey Jude
(d) Eleanor Rigby

14. Who is the one character in the Bible that Sylvia Pittston fears?
(a) Shadrach
(b) Abednego
(c) The Interloper
(d) Meshach

15. What is Alice's response when the gunslinger asks her about the man in black?
(a) She says, "Pay me for it."
(b) She says, "He told me not to tell."
(c) She says, "You have to have it..."
(d) She says, "I don't know much."

Short Answer Questions

1. Describe Kennerly.

2. What does the gunslinger refuse to do after the attack by Sheb?

3. Why is Brown's hut door below ground level?

4. How long has it been since the gunslinger passed a town?

5. Who asks the gunslinger if the fugitive he is following is a sorcerer?

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