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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Brown's hut door below ground level?
(a) It holds in the coolness of the night.
(b) It protects against the crazies.
(c) It protects against the rotters.
(d) It protects against wild dogs.

2. What song is playing as the gunslinger enters Tull?
(a) Eleanor Rigby
(b) Hey Jude
(c) Help
(d) California Dreaming

3. Who does the gunslinger decide to ask about what is south of the desert?
(a) Nort
(b) Kennerly
(c) Brown
(d) Soobie

4. What is the ultimatum Allie makes to the gunslinger for revealing the location of Pittston's home?
(a) He must leave town immediately.
(b) He must never speak of Sylvia again.
(c) He must make love to her.
(d) He must never leave her.

5. What does the fugitive do while in the town of Hull?
(a) Attacks a woman
(b) Robs the general store
(c) Kills the sheriff
(d) Heals an old man

6. How does Brown prepare the meal?
(a) He broils it over a fire
(b) He grinds it up into a patty.
(c) He serves it rare and cold.
(d) He roasts and boils the food.

7. Who is the one character in the Bible that Sylvia Pittston fears?
(a) Abednego
(b) The Interloper
(c) Meshach
(d) Shadrach

8. What does Kennerly say that he heard is beyond the desert?
(a) Cities
(b) Demons, monsters, oceans, and mountains
(c) A rainforest
(d) Green fields and wild animals

9. What does the man in black do to Nort who lies across the tables?
(a) He lunges across Nort's body, howling.
(b) He pours whiskey in his face.
(c) He stuffs devil grass in his mouth.
(d) He spits in his face.

10. What does Allie tell the gunslinger about Sylvia Pittston?
(a) She will kill him.
(b) She will possess him.
(c) She will put a demon in him.
(d) She won't see him.

11. Where does the light come from in Brown's hut?
(a) The glow of the moon
(b) A warm fire in the hearth
(c) The glare of banked embers
(d) A lantern above the table

12. What pleases the gunslinger about the fugitive he is following?
(a) The fugitive is slowing down.
(b) The fugitive is leaving more clues.
(c) The fugitive's essential humanity
(d) The fugitive is bleeding.

13. How many daughters does Kennerly have?
(a) Three
(b) Two
(c) Four
(d) Five

14. How does the gunslinger eat his meal?
(a) Picks at it
(b) Quickly and hungrily
(c) Slowly and thoughtfully
(d) Swallows without chewing

15. What does the gunslinger decide to do with his mule?
(a) Make arrangements for it to be taken care of it while he is in Tull.
(b) He decides to trade it for a horse.
(c) He gives it to Alice.
(d) He decides to eat it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the thick crust of alkali in the desert at one time?

2. How does the gunslinger react to Brown's reason for giving an apology?

3. What replaced the forests outside Tull?

4. What does Alice think about the man in black as he speaks to her about Nort?

5. What does Brown think will strangle everything eventually?

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