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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of creature is Zoltan?
(a) An eagle
(b) A wild dog
(c) A raven
(d) A lizard

2. What spectacular thing does the gunslinger see in the night sky?
(a) Two moons
(b) A ghostly apparition
(c) A meteor
(d) Flock of white doves

3. What level of khef is the gunslinger?
(a) Fifth
(b) Fourth
(c) Eighth
(d) Seventh

4. What possibility can't the gunslinger bear to think about?
(a) Starving to death
(b) His own madness
(c) The loss of his son
(d) His death

5. What does Alice think about the gunslinger when he makes no comment when she is finished talking?
(a) She thinks he fell asleep.
(b) She thinks he is crazed.
(c) She thinks he died.
(d) She thinks he is too scared to speak.

6. What does the gunslinger believe the man in black did to Sylvia Pittston?
(a) Hypnotized her
(b) Left a demon in her
(c) Cast a spell on her
(d) Turned her into one of his followers

7. While the gunslinger waits for his hamburgers to be cooked, what does the man behind him do?
(a) The man approaches him with a Bible in his hand.
(b) The man raises a rifle to his back.
(c) The man puts a rope around his neck.
(d) The man comes up behind him with a hunting knife.

8. What does Alice decide she can do in a day or two?
(a) Think
(b) Run away from Tull
(c) Kill herself
(d) Kill the gunslinger

9. How long has the gunslinger been walking on foot?
(a) One week
(b) One month
(c) Twelve days
(d) Two days

10. What does the gunslinger refuse to do after the attack by Sheb?
(a) Make love to Alice.
(b) Listen to the fiddle
(c) Take off his gun belt
(d) Stay at Alice's

11. How does the gunslinger react when the piano player charges at him and Alice?
(a) He grabs the piano player around the throat
(b) He shoots the piano player.
(c) He knocks the piano player onto the floor.
(d) He grabs the piano player's wrists, breaking them both.

12. What does Kennerly tell Soobie to do when the gunslinger arrives?
(a) Make some food.
(b) Get the gunslinger a drink.
(c) Get inside.
(d) Get the mule.

13. At which levels of khef does thirst stop?
(a) Fifth or sixth
(b) Eighth or ninth
(c) Six or seventh
(d) Seventh or eighth

14. What does the gunslinger lead out of the foothills?
(a) His horse
(b) A wild dog
(c) His mule
(d) An injured coyote

15. Who raps on the door halfway through the meal?
(a) A crazy
(b) The man in black
(c) Zoltan
(d) A rotter

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the man in black arrive into town?

2. What does Brown use for a dinner table?

3. What does Brown consider his life to be?

4. What does Alice think about as she is on the edge of sleep?

5. Who is the first person the gunslinger meets when he comes down the foothills?

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