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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is an epileptic?
(a) Scanlon
(b) Harding
(c) Mr. Sefelt
(d) Billy Bibbit

2. How much does McMurphy bet the other men?
(a) $15
(b) $20
(c) $5
(d) $10

3. Harding and McMurphy banter to decide who the biggest ______________ is in the hospital.
(a) Jerk
(b) Mess
(c) Coward
(d) Bull goose loony

4. What does McMurphy do to get the attention of everyone?
(a) He strips
(b) He screams
(c) He punches he hand through the glass window
(d) He sings

5. The day room is divided into how many sides?
(a) Four
(b) Two
(c) One
(d) Three

Short Answer Questions

1. Are the men mad at McMurphy for his actions in #64's answer?

2. Who is the subject of the group meeting?

3. What is another name for the narrator of the story?

4. What do the men do until the lights go out in the ward?

5. What is McMurphy supposed to be doing during the time in #46?

Short Essay Questions

1. What action does McMurphy take as a result of #29?

2. After Nurse Ratched tells the men about their punishment (as described in the answer to #28), what does McMurphy declare out loud?

3. What does Billy maintain in terms of his opinion of McMurphy?

4. What are some of the ways that the men begin to bond together during the fishing trip?

5. What happens to McMurphy when the men are caught after the plan to not get caught doesn't occur as planned?

6. What does McMurphy tell Billy he needs to send to Candy for her trip to see him?

7. What does McMurphy do when the night attendants come to Chief Broom's bed?

8. What has Chief Bromden been believing about McMurphy?

9. What does McMurphy do as they are preparing and performing the electroshock therapy on him?

10. What changes McMurphy's mind about the way he has been acting on the ward?

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