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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the diagnosis that the staff come to that they will put McMurphy into the Disturbed ward for?
(a) Schizophrenic reaction
(b) Sociopath with depressive tendencies
(c) Psychopath
(d) Negative Oedipal

2. Who is an epileptic?
(a) Scanlon
(b) Harding
(c) Billy Bibbit
(d) Mr. Sefelt

3. Who is the narrator of this story?
(a) Mack
(b) Chief Bromden
(c) Nurse Ratched
(d) Billy Bibbit

4. Why is Chief Bromden in the meeting room?
(a) To represent the patients
(b) To clean up
(c) To spy
(d) To help the staff with their policies

5. Why does Nurse Ratched do what she does in #56?
(a) She wants to make an example of the men
(b) She is actually quite weak
(c) She needs to get away
(d) She is biding her time

Short Answer Questions

1. What is McMurphy doing when Nurse Ratched comes in the morning?

2. What does Nurse Ratched suggest has happened to McMurphy as he is singing in the hallway?

3. What is Nurse Ratched's reaction to the answer to #55?

4. How were the patients being tested for TB?

5. When does the novel begin?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Chief Bromden allowed to be in the meeting room when Nurse Ratched and the other members of the medical team are having a meeting?

2. When McMurphy rants about the state of affairs in the ward, how does Billy Bibbit respond?

3. While the men understand McMurphy's change in behavior, what tragic event occurs that makes the ward go back to its normal routine?

4. Which patients are the ones whose brains have been altered beyond repair from shock therapy and tranquilizers?

5. What does Nurse Ratched tell the young black men to do before breakfast?

6. Who is described as being alert and chipper, unlike other new admissions?

7. When Nurse Ratched tells McMurphy that he can not wear a towel when walking around in the ward, what does McMurphy do?

8. What is so special about Harding in relation to the rest of the patients on the ward?

9. Why doesn't Nurse Ratched want McMurphy sent to the Disturbed ward?

10. Who is the narrator of the story?

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