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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does McMurphy want to see?
(a) Candy Starr
(b) His dad
(c) Sandy
(d) Cheswick

2. When is the date as described in #143?
(a) Friday
(b) Saturday
(c) Monday
(d) Thursday

3. Who begins to flirt with the nurses?
(a) Scanlon
(b) Harding
(c) Billy Bibbit
(d) Martini

4. What do they not have enough of?
(a) Room
(b) Life jeckets
(c) Rods
(d) Bait

5. Who helps McMurphy beat up the aides?
(a) Harding
(b) George
(c) Scanlon
(d) Chief Bromden

6. What color is the soap that is used in the showers?
(a) Yellow
(b) Black
(c) Clear
(d) Blue

7. The doctor tells the gas station attendants that the men are a what?
(a) Bunch of mental patients
(b) Work crew
(c) Group of missionaries
(d) Prison inmates

8. What does the nurse give to Chief Bromden
(a) A stick of gum
(b) A book
(c) A cigarette
(d) A piece of paper

9. Who 'accidentally' throws the basketball through the nurse's window, breaking it for the third time?
(a) Martini
(b) McMurphy
(c) Harding
(d) Billy

10. What did Billy Bibbit stop writing in the log book, as the Acutes began to be stronger and more rebellious?
(a) His name
(b) His observations
(c) His dreams
(d) His mother's name

11. Fill in the blank: 'When did they sneak that danged ________ in there? Why, that thing is a menace!"
(a) Nurse
(b) Control panel
(c) Door
(d) Glass

12. What does McMurphy want the item in #98 for?
(a) To look nicer
(b) To see a 'twitch' he once knew
(c) To get a better view
(d) To smoke

13. Who has a date with Candy Starr, as arranged by McMurphy?
(a) Frederickson
(b) Billy Bibbit
(c) Harding
(d) Scanlon

14. What does the nurse in Disturbed say about Nurse Ratched?
(a) She is the best nurse there is.
(b) She is the only one who cares.
(c) She should have retired years ago.
(d) She is right.

15. Who cuts his throat with a tool he found in the doctor's office?
(a) Harding
(b) Frederickson
(c) Billy Bibbit
(d) Scanlon

Short Answer Questions

1. What's the name of the boat they rented?

2. What causes the delay of the trip?

3. How much money does Candy need for the trip to the ward?

4. Does Nurse Ratched punish McMurphy for the glass incident?

5. What does Chief Bromden do as his first act of rebellion?

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