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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The doctor tells the gas station attendants that the men are a what?
(a) Bunch of mental patients
(b) Group of missionaries
(c) Work crew
(d) Prison inmates

2. Where does the basketball go after #106?
(a) It gets hidden
(b) It rips and is put into the supply closet
(c) It goes back to McMurphy
(d) It gets thrown into the trask

3. What does McMurphy ask if the Chief can do?
(a) Hear
(b) Choke Nurse Ratched
(c) Run fast
(d) Lift the metal panel

4. Who has spent the least amount of their money while in the ward?
(a) Scanlon
(b) Harding
(c) McMurphy
(d) George

5. How much money does McMurphy offer to the Chief as a result of #146?
(a) $10
(b) $5
(c) Nothing
(d) All he has

6. What does McMurphy want to plan in the end?
(a) A prank on the nurses
(b) A send of for Nurse Ratched
(c) A trip to the pool
(d) A going away party

7. Who cuts his throat with a tool he found in the doctor's office?
(a) Frederickson
(b) Scanlon
(c) Billy Bibbit
(d) Harding

8. What do both McMurphy and The Chief do with the answer to #159?
(a) Refuse them
(b) Chew on it
(c) Swallow them
(d) Throw it down

9. What does the nurse give to McMurphy?
(a) Her phone number
(b) A cigarette
(c) A glass of water
(d) A piece of paper

10. Where did McMurphy get a job picking beans?
(a) Spokane, Washington
(b) Portland, Oregon
(c) Eugene, Oregon
(d) Beaverton, Oregon

11. What does Chief Bromden do as his first act of rebellion?
(a) Hits an aide
(b) Walks away from the black boys
(c) Makes a mess
(d) Talks to someone

12. What does McMurphy do one last time after Nurse Ratched accuses him playing God?
(a) Escapes
(b) Laughs
(c) Asks for money
(d) Breaks the glass

13. Who does Nurse Ratched threaten Billy she will call?
(a) His brother
(b) His wife
(c) His mother
(d) His father

14. What does the nurse give to Chief Bromden
(a) A book
(b) A piece of paper
(c) A stick of gum
(d) A cigarette

15. Who is found wrapped in sheets like a mummy?
(a) Harding
(b) Billy
(c) Mr. Turkle
(d) McMurphy

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has a date with Candy Starr, as arranged by McMurphy?

2. Chief Bromden wonders how McMurphy has made him _______ again.

3. Why does the class get broken?

4. What has disappeared most obviously from Billy?

5. Who is the patient who has boating experience?

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