One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Character Descriptions

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Pete Bancini

This character is a self-pitying patient who suffered brain damage at birth and says he's been dead for all of his fifty-five years. Constantly complaining of being tired, at times he is forcibly removed from group therapy session and put to bed. As the book unfolds, however, this character begins to escape the imprisonment of his fixation on the past and take a more active role in the ward.

Billy Bibbit

This character is a weak mama's boy who is totally under Big Nurse's thumb. She has extra control over him because she has befriended his mother, who works for the hospital. This character's most notable feature is his severe stutter, which he says he's had since he said his first word: "M-in-in-in-mamma." His mother still treats him as a child, even though he is over thirty years old, and he has problems dealing with women...

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