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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Edward think of Nash's request for assistance?

2. Where does Edward board his ship to find Nash?

3. Why are things difficult for Nash economically?

4. What Christian missionaries have been trying to steal Nash's converts?

5. What has become of most of the slaves who have repatriated to Monrovia?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the mystery woman.

2. What happens to the relationship between Nash and his natural mother?

3. Do you think that the American Colonization Society sincerely believes in helping former slaves?

4. Where did Nash Williams first settle in Africa, and what did he do there?

5. What do you think happened to Martha's husband?

6. What happens to Martha at the end of "West"?

7. How did Madison Williams get emancipated?

8. Describe the American Colonization Society.

9. What illness has killed many slaves?

10. How does Martha come to run a restaurant in Dodge City?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In contrast to the other sections of Crossing the River, "Somewhere in England" portrays Joyce, a white character, who is victimized by her circumstances and loneliness, while Travis, the main black character, is the one who comforts her and shows worldliness that she craves. Analyze the similarities and differences between Joyce and Travis. How does each influence the other? Who plays the strong, protective role, and who plays the fragile one?

Essay Topic 2

In "The Pagan Coast," Nash Williams becomes increasingly disillusioned with Edward Williams, his adopted father/owner who he once idolized. How did Nash's view of Edward deteriorate? Start by describing how Nash viewed Edward towards the beginning of the story, and show how his view gradually deteriorates. Does Edward think any differently by the end of the story? Why or why not? Make sure to provide evidence to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

In "Crossing the River," James Hamilton is a young English merchant who inherits his father's ship. His father seems to have broken down due to his inability to reconcile his Christian and moral beliefs with the profession he took part in for most of his life, which was slave trading. Compare the young Hamilton with his father. How does young Hamilton reconcile his beliefs with his profession? What happened to Hamilton's father? What do you think will happen to Hamilton eventually? Do you think a similar fate to his father awaits him?

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